BASF-Group: Construction Chemicals
Multi-use light, flexible tile adhesive
PCI Nanolight®
for all kinds of substrates and ceramic coverings
features and benefits:
  • Meets the requirements of C2 TE S1 in accordance with DIN EN 12004 and "Guideline for flexible mortar".
  • To lay all ceramic coverings on all substrates such as cement screeds, aerated concrete, anhydrite screeds, gypsum-based substrates, PVC, ceramic, metal, wooden particle boards and PCI bonded waterproofing.
  • To level and repair irregular wall surfaces and floor surfaces before tiling.
  • Suitable for terraces, swimming pools and commercial areas.
  • With special light filler combination.
  • High yield.
  • For adhesive bed thickness from 1 to 15 mm.
  • Dust reduced, less development of dust when opening the bag, pouring and mixing the product.
  • Very low emission, GEV EMICODE EC1 R.


fields of application:
  • indoors, outdoors, floors, walls


colour: grey
packaging: 15-kg-bag
technical data sheet no.: 207
name rules and standards combined with product
Classification report-3194EN 13501-1 (A2fl-s1)PCI Nanolight®
Classification report-3214EN 13501-1 (A2-s1,d0)PCI Nanolight®
Initial Typ Testing CE-3444DIN EN 12004 (C2TE S1)PCI Nanolight®
MED EC Type Examination Certificate-3903Marine Equipment Directive 97/08/EC Item No. A.1/3.18cPCI Nanolight®, PCI Nanofug®, PCI Seccoral® 1K
MED EC Type Examination Certificate-4917Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC Item No. A.1/3.18cPCI Nanolight®, PCI Durapox® NT, PCI Durapox® NT plus, PCI Epoxigrund 390
MED EC Type Examination Certificate-4919Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC Item No. A.1/3.18cPCI Nanolight®
MED EC Type Examination Certificate-5161Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC
Item No. A.1/3.18c
PCI Lastogum®, PCI Nanolight®, PCI Nanofug®
Licensing-8114GEV EMICODE (EC1 R)PCI Nanolight®

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