Sustainability has been a key element in the corporate strategy of PCI for many years. Priority is already given to environmentally compatible raw materials when developing new products. Eco-friendly recycled materials are used for packaging. We use raw materials that are regionally available in order to avoid long-distance shipping.

Finished products also travel short distances. The location of our plants in Germany means that the nearest PCI facility is never far away. And lightweight products reduce the weight to be shipped to the customer.

Sustainability Report 2020

Quality and Reliability

PCI products have always been of consistently high quality, ensuring reliable processing and durable results. Modern construction materials such as lightweight and fast-setting mortars ensure efficient work and easy handling on site. In addition to its products, PCI is committed to reliable, long-term partnerships with distributors and craftsmen. PCI professionals give customers the benefit of their know-how and expertise in everyday personal contacts and in the form of seminars and training sessions, laying a firm foundation for joint success.

Reliability is also a top priority for PCI. That applies both to occupational health and safety at our plants and to the safe processing of our products. Low-dust powder products and the avoidance of solvents make for safe working. Sensitizing ingredients are avoided or are replaced by alternatives as soon as they are available.

PCI products represent environmentally compatible construction work for a healthy living environment. Special attention is paid to low-emission products meeting the requirements of GEV-EMICODE class EC 1 or EC 1 PLUS. The “Blauer Engel” seal of approval (RAL UZ 113), especially for PCI laying materials from the flooring products range, provides further confirmation that these products make a key contribution to low-pollution air in buildings and therefore users’ health.

The sustainability of our products is confirmed by the environmental product declarations (EPD) that cover the environmental properties and emission behavior of PCI products over their entire life cycle.

The management system includes further aspects such as environment, energy, safety and reliability in accordance with the standards ISO 9001:2015 (quality management system) and ISO 50001:2011 (energy management system).
The external certification for the plants in Augsburg, Hamm and Lutherstadt Wittenberg is carried out by TÜV Süd (German Association for Technical Inspection) in accordance with the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 50001.

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