PCI - Quality and innovation is our key to success

„Manufacturing and distribution of synthetic polymers for the construction industry as well as consulting service concerning questions related to chemistry and technology.”

With this corporate goal in mind, Hans W. Schulz, a businessman in Frankfurt, and Karl Strehle, an engineer in Augsburg, founded the company Poly-Chemie-Ingeniergesellschaft mbH in 1950. Only one year later the founding fathers successfully got into the market by inventing a new product “Beton-Emulsion” (concrete emulsion). Four years later the PCI product range comprised 54 products already.

The success story of PCI in the field of tile adhesives began in 1959 when the cementitious tile adhesive PCI FT-Klebemörtel for thin-bed applications was first brought onto the market. In the following years PCI concentrated on the pioneering development of flexible mortars so that a comprehensive system of tile adhesives was realised. Since the market launch of the first pulverised highly flexible special tile adhesives PCI Flexmörtel in 1981, PCI took on the leadership in the market in the range of tile adhesives.

In the 1970s PCI pursued the development of waterproof tile adhesives and has therefore become an undisputed leader in this technology. At the same time a solvent free PCI primer on gypsum based substrates was first applied. As a supplementary business the development and production of sealants has been started in the 1960s. In this way brands like PCI Silcoferm, PCI Elritan and PCI Escutan have become synonymous for perfect sealing solutions. In the recent past PCI has distinguished itself by nano and light mortar product development such as PCI Nanolight dust reduced.

Due to the sustainable development and constant improvement of the products the success story of PCI continues. PCI stands for innovation and quality for 60 years.

Milestones in PCI company history

  • 2017: Acquisition of Henkel's Western European construction chemicals business and integration of the brands Thomsit and Ceresit in the product portfolio of the PCI group
  • 2015: DGNB certification for PCI plant in Augsburg, certification for PCI Academy to DIN ISO 29990 „Quality management in apprenticeship and further education“
  • 2006: Incorporation into the BASF construction chemicals division after the takeover of Degussa Bauchemie by BASF SE
  • 2001: Incorporation into Degussa AG after the merger between SKW Trostberg AG and Degussa-Hüls
  • 1999:  Certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001, Foundation of a new supplementary business line PCI flooring technology
  • 1996: Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001
  • 1992: Start-up of a new manufacturing plant in Hamm
  • 1991: The company changed its name to PCI Augsburg GmbH, Start-up of a new manufacturing plant in Wittenberg
  • 1990: Foundation of PCI Bauprodukte AG in Zurich
  • 1984: The company changed its name to PCI Polychemie GmbH
  • 1980: Takeover by SKW Trostberg AG
  • 1968: Foundation of a branch Poly Bauchemie GmbH in Vienna
  • 1950: Foundation of Poly-Chemie-Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH in Frankfurt/Main with a manufacturing plant in Augsburg