PCI Construction Systems

Refurbishing and waterproofing of buildings

Efficient repair solutions, reliable waterproofing, safe anchoring of building components, attractive paving installation... and a lot of other topics are covered in the new PCI Construction Systems brochure.

The very latest: our new products in 2018/2019

Product solutions for maximum benefit in building projects

PCI’s new products reach the highest possible quality requirements right from the start. They are precisely tailored to meet the needs of contractors, make work on site considerably easier and guarantee the best possible results.

The highest standards: Concrete repair solutions from PCI

Depending on the individual application, concrete repairs call for different products. For example, there are differences between structural and non-structural repairs. PCI offers a convenient, reliable solution for any application.

Simple selection and waterproofing – simply perfect

All PCI products for waterproofing elements in contact with the soil are in accordance with the requirements of the new standard DIN 18533. This means that you can work with reliable products with which you are familiar and which have been tested as a system at the same time as meeting the requirements of the standard.

Special solutions for agriculture

Product systems and applications

Agricultural buildings and structures need to withstand a variety of stresses. New building and rehabilitation projects therefore call for appropriate special products. This brochure includes product and system solutions for efficient repairs, reliable waterproofing, resistant coatings and the safe anchoring of building components.