PCI Tiling and natural stone technology

You have the tasks, we have the solutions. This brochure will give you an overview of the various product and system solutions for the tiling and natural stone trade. You also find practial tipps very helpful for the daily work on site.

The PCI core range for tiling

Compact but still complete: PCI’s core range for tiling has been reduced to the essentials and offers everything you need. It covers the vast majority of your everyday challenges during tile laying, without compromising on product safety, convenience of use or appearance.

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The PCI core range for natural stone

The PCI core range for natural stone helps you to keep the overview and to give even more specific advice. And it ensures efficiency and reliability on the construction site.

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It's good to pass on good values

Flexible tile adhesives from PCI. Strong, flexible, reliable. The latest knowledge, sophisticated technology and about 40 years of flexible adhesive expertise go into every sack of the PCI Flexmörtel® line. Generations of tilers have placed their trust in this unbeatable combination when extreme flexibility and high performance are required under tiles and in their everyday work.

Sealing and bonding

Forget about drilling and tightening screws. Just use PCI products for sealing and bonding.

PCI Durapox Premium Harmony

Harmonized colors: PCI Durapox® Premium Harmony is an innovative epoxy resin mortar developed especially for grouting multi-colored glass mosaics on walls and floors. It is the perfect addition to the PCI grout range.

Joints just in line with your taste

Professional chefs create harmony and surprising taste compositions on your plates – perfected depending on your individual taste. PCI’s grouting solutions can also put you in exactly this position. They create a significant contribution to ensuring that you can find the optically suitable grout color for every living space. Just in line with your taste.

Reliable waterproofing in line with standards

The new standards for the waterproofing of buildings have been in force. The new waterproofing standards apply to specific building elements and are in accordance with the state of the art. They now also cover many solutions which have long been used in practice such as bonded waterproofing with tiles and slabs using liquid-applied waterproofing products. Bonded waterproofing for tiled coverings in indoor applications using waterproofing sheets and slabs is also covered by the standards

Reliable sealing according to standard with PCI Pecitape® WDB

Reliable sealing - right down to the last detail. The new bathtub sealing tape PCI Pecitape® WDB provides effective, durable protection against moisture for silicone joints and offers additional benefits: the 5-millimeter-thick acoustic insulation strip ensures effective noise protection. Especially reliable protection under the silicone joint is provided by the stainless steel reinforced product PCI Pecitape® Protect.

PCI Lastogum®-Dichtset - Reliable waterproofing kit for bathrooms and showers

PCI Lastogum® - the perfect solution for the requirements of waterproofing and adhesion in bonded construction. In addition to a permanently perfect waterproofing, a modern bathroom design poses diverse demands on the skilled craftsman. The multi-use tiling system offers an optimal solution. The combination of the products in an intelligent system provides reliability during the application. The products are optimally matched to one another for use in residential areas, especially in the domestic bathroom.

Reliable sealing right down to the last detail

Detailed solutions for the interior in accordance with standards

PCI Nanofug® Premium

A wide variety of grout colors offer the maximum design creativity. The earth tone colors harmonize with modern, wood-imitating tile surfaces. The gray and black shades match the trendy tile appearance with shades of gray and concrete look. 28 colors in four warm color groups giving the tiler the possibility to even play better with harmonic colors and color contrasts.

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