01   It's the mixture that counts

Get informed about the correct mixing tools, containers and technique when mixing tile adhesives, repair mortars, leveling compounds etc.

Flooring Systems 01   Safe and reliable laying of PVC design flooring

The first edition of "Our Advice" Flooring Systems deals with the topic of what to observe for the reliable laying of PVC design flooring.

02   Tiling work in swimming pools

Assisting in the application and selection of material for tiling work in swimming pools.

Flooring Systems 02   How to level floors properly

This issue deals with the topic of what factors need to be considered in substrate preparation.

03   Mould formation on silicone joints - is it unavoidable?

This issue explains the process of mould formation, how it can be prevented and what action has been taken by the manufacturer.

05   Rupture of the elastic edge joint on tile or flag floor coverings – a material problem?

Correct joint sizing and the avoidance of adhesion on three sides are important factors to avoid rupture of joints. 

08   Thin-layer underfloor heating systems in combination with tiles and flags

Already the old Romans knew... underfloor heating systems are attractive, durable, easy to care and improve the exclusivity of the object.

09   Laying cast stone tiles - how to avoid damage

You want to lay cast stone tiles with a durably nice appearance? Read here which criteria have to be observed prior to and after tile laying.

10   Calcium sulphate flow screeds - basic principles and important notes on tile laying

Calcium sulphate flow screed and its sensitivity to moisture.

11   When is a cement-based screed ready for covering?

Why is the residual moisture so important? How to determine the residual moisture?Read more here about the residual moisture.

13   Legal issues in connection with tiling work - advice for tilers

Definition: Accepted technical and DIN standards - learn more about legal issues and performance of construction work.

14   Reliable waterproofing of structures in contact with the soil using bituminous products

The proper waterproofing material for basements depends on the type of soil, the groundwater level and the condition of the basement wall. Learn more about what to consider for refurbishment projects to get a permanently dry basement.

16   Washed-out cementitious joints in household showers

Taking care of cementitious joints: Use neutral or alkaline cleaning agents for your ceramic coverings.

19   Trouble-free laying and grouting of natural and engineered stone

Natural stone surfaces have become increasingly popular. Read here more about the formation, laying and grouting of natural stone.

20   Effective application of glass mosaic and glass tiles

What should be observed when laying and grouting mosaic, glass tiles and glass flags. Tip: the PCI application recommendation !

21   Laying large format tiles - the key points?

"Our Advice 21" gives you important information and tips about the key points when laying large-format tiles and flags made of ceramic, natural stone and engineered stone.

24   Flexmörtel S2: What does the designation mean and what benefits does it bring to users?

The technical leaflet Our Advice 24 explains the test criteria and requirements for a class S2 flexible mortar and states the benefits it brings to users.

25   Processing of cementitious joint grouts

Adequate tools and observing the given water quantity are a basic requirement for perfect grouting. Read here what has to be observed from mixing to washing the joints.

26   Laying outdoor tiles

This issue provides hints on the proper laying of ceramic tiling in outdoor areas such as basic laying requirements, various possible variants and appropriate grouting procedures.

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