Disposal system for emptied transport and sales packaging of PCI products

As of January 1st, 2019, PCI Augsburg GmbH is registered as a manufacturer of packaging subject to system participation under registration number D E3243499033836.

As a manufacturer of packaging that is subject to system participation, PCI Augsburg GmbH has submitted an application for registration to the Central Agency for Packaging Register Foundation (Central Agency). With the application, we as the manufacturer submitted the declaration that PCI Augsburg GmbH fulfills its take-back obligations by participating in one or more systems in accordance with Section 9 (2) number 5 of the law on the placing on the market, taking back and high-quality recycling of packaging (Packaging Act - VerpackG) fulfill. Further information on the rights and obligations under the Packaging Act can be found at https://www.verpackungsregister.org/.

Our system partner is DSD GmbH, which has been set up throughout Germany since 1993 and organizes the collection, sorting and recycling of sales packaging. Since then, PCI has been involved in the dual system of DSD GmbH and thus complies with the relevant participation obligations from the previous Packaging Ordinance and the current Packaging Act.

Our partners:

Transportverpackungen Interseroh Lizenz 27708

Verkaufverpackungen DSD Lizenz 1357509

Private end consumers within the meaning of the Packaging Ordinance are households and so-called comparable sources of packaging. Similar sources include farms and craft businesses that can be disposed of using common household collection bins (free of charge via the yellow bin or the yellow sack) for paper, cardboard, cardboard and lightweight packaging.

Commercial consumers can also use the DSD disposal service free of charge for construction sites / object disposal via single or multiple disposal.

You can contact your nearest waste disposal partner for more information.

Do you have any questions? We are pleased to help you.

Phone: +49 821 5901-250, Fax: +49 821 5901-520, Email: juergen.vogt@pci-group.eu

Sorting and recording criteria DSD - Green Dot

For licensed packaging to be taken over by our disposal partner free of charge, we ask you to collect and provide it in accordance with the sorting and collection criteria of the DSD - Green Dot (in sacks, yellow bins or 1100 l containers, depending on the local conditions).

Residual emptying is a necessary prerequisite for the sensible recycling of packaging waste. Packaging that has not been completely emptied or is contaminated makes recycling much more difficult or even impossible.

Therefore: Please make sure that your packaging is clean and completely emptied, otherwise it cannot be taken over by the disposal company free of charge.

What does emptying mean?

The term "residual discharge" is defined as follows:
Proper emptying (i.e. brush-clean, spatula-clean, drip-free, trickle-free) except for inevitable residues of filling goods.

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