PCI: Newly revised natural stone brochure

Reliable laying of natural stone

PCI Augsburg GmbH has revised their brochure "Natural stones – Professional laying and grouting". Amongst other things, new items include the product systems with which natural stones and paving coverings can be laid reliably and without staining.

The brochure includes two systems each for natural stone and paving coverings to demonstrate laying and grouting with perfectly matched products. All types of natural stone can be reliably laid indoors without staining using the "11121 Universal Natural Stone" system. The "11122 Balcony Natural Stone" system is required instead when you need to lay natural stone coverings on balconies and terraces.

The mechanical loading that the covering is subject to is of significance when laying and grouting paving stones. The "11123 Universal Paving" is suitable for light to medium mechanical loading as is the case on pathways and driveways, for example. The higher requirements in areas with motorised traffic are met by the "11124 Road Paving" system for medium to high mechanical loading.

In addition, the brochure demonstrates as before the challenges and special features with regards to laying natural stones on various substrates and with regards to laying and jointing paving coverings. Processing images indicate the important features in the individual working steps.

The brochure in German is available to download at www.pci-augsburg.de.


Newly revised: The PCI brochure "Natural stones – Professional laying and grouting"

Reliable laying of natural stones in interiors without staining: The PCI brochure shows how it is done.

System "11123 Universal Paving" for light to medium mechanical loading, for example on pathways and driveways.