The modern all-rounder: PCI Nanolight White

Even more flexible than the well-proven Flexmörtel PCI Nanolight

Inside and out, floor and wall, all substrates and all ceramic cov-erings – over the past ten years, PCI Nanolight has proven itself to be a universal, easy-to-use tile adhesive with lightweight mortar technology. And now PCI has used this proven technology to develop the new PCI Nanolight White. The result is a one-size-fits-all solution, optimised to meet today's range of tasks. PCI Nanolight White offers the installer the same Nanolight feeling, known for it's easy handling, convenient processing, high productivity and effortless application. When laying large slabs the new PCI Nanolight White scores with its exceptional stability. Its white colour also makes the versatile flexible mortar perfect for laying glass tiles and mosaics, and for use in swimming pools and spas – the convenient all-rounder for every application.


Delivering the same advantage: the properties of PCI Nanolight

The new product still has all those properties of the proven PCI Nanolight already appreciated by professional installers. PCI Nanolight White is characterised by its low weight (15 kg per sack), the light, creamy texture and high productivity. Then there is the long adhesive time (about 30 minutes) and rapid curing. Depending on the ambient atmosphere, the surfaces can be walked on and grouted after approximately five hours thanks to modern nano-technology.


How nano-technology makes it so convenient to apply

In general, products with lightweight mortar technology score in terms of economy and efficiency. Three factors are responsible for the quality of PCI Nanolight White. As with all products in the Nano family, PCI Nanolight White forms an optimum mortar microstructure (of very fine needles) during the curing phase. This creates a highly reliable and stable bond between the contact surfaces of the substrate and the ceramic. The nano-technology is also very convenient to apply. The special additives and unique combination of fillers in the lightweight mortar technology ensure high productivity, increased coverage and effortless application.


And yet achieves even more: PCI Nanolight White

Thanks to its white cement formulation, the all-rounder is extremely versatile. Modern glass tiles and mosaics, and applications in swimming pools and spa areas are now also possible without any problems. PCI Nanolight White meets the criteria of C2TE S1 in accordance with DIN EN 12004 and the "flexible mortars directive". PCI Nanolight white can also be used to smooth out uneven walls and floor areas before tiles and slabs are laid. Its broad application range currently makes PCI Nanolight White the most versatile flexible mortar for all scenarios.

The versatile PCI Nanolight White is suitable for adhesive beds from 1 to 10 mm thick. It can be used for laying all types of ceramic coverings on all sub-strates – even glass tiles and mosaics, and applications in swimming pools and spa areas.

Thanks to its white colour, the PCI Nanolight White flexible mortar is also ideal for laying modern glass tiles and glass mosaics, and for applications in swimming pools or spa areas.

Picture credit: Deutsche Steinzeug AG, private house in Neuwied with Jasba mosaic