Universally applicable – the "Universal tiling system" from PCI

A system for all cases

The success of PCI systems is based on the intelligent combination of high-quality products. This creates added value, benefiting all participants – workers, builders and planners. The "Universal tiling system" offers the appropriate solution for almost all tasks. Processing is easy and comfortable, the system scores with top laying reliability, even on green cement screeds. The easy-to-clean effect in the PCI Nanofug Premium grout mortar also contributes to the tiling exhibiting top hygiene and cleaning characteristics. All the matched individual products are low emission – another plus for healthy living.


The "Universal tiling system" lives up to its name: it can be used indoor and outdoor, in building construction – particularly domestic bathrooms – and on balconies or patios.  All ceramic tiles can be easily and reliably laid, irrespective of weight and shape, both on conventional and on heated screed structures. "We have covered just about all application cases with this system, saving the tile layer from having to constantly deal with different systems", explained Rogèr Costa, PCI marketing manager Tile Fixing Systems Europe.


Intelligent system variants

A particular advantage is offered by the variant "Equally spaced joint pattern": Field limitation or movement joints can no longer adversely influence the harmony of the tiling. The tile layer therefore gains the freedom to create aesthetically demanding tiling, independent of room geometry and the age of the screed. Movement joints are harmoniously integrated in the tiling.

If particular value is placed on impact sound insulation and optimised room acoustics, this can be achieved using the waterproofing and isolating membrane PCI Pecilastic U. This can be used under ceramic, mosaic and natural stone coverings.


Tile laying made easy

The most classic and frequent use of the "Universal tiling system" is in the bathroom. Both floor and wall tiles can be easily and reliably laid using one system. The bonding and protective primer PCI Gisogrund is used for priming the floor and walls. Floor levelling is implemented with PCI Periplan, a floor leveller for use under top coverings, while the walls can be smoothed with the levelling compound PCI Pericret. Spray water zones, water pipes, taps and wall-floor connections can be sealed with the waterproof, flexible protective coating PCI Lastogum and the special waterproofing tape PCI Pecitape 120, together with special formed parts. The wall tiles can be laid using either PCI Nanolight, a light, variably workable mortar or the flexible tile adhesive PCI Flexmörtel S1. Both tile adhesives can be used for all ceramic coverings. PCI Nanofug Premium is a variable flexible grout mortar which is particularly suitable for fine porcelain and stoneware coverings, while PCI Nanofug is a mortar specially developed for earthenware and stoneware coverings. In the last work step, the corner, connection and movement joints are closed with the elastic silicone sealant PCI Silcofug E.


The waterproofing and isolating membrane PCI Pecilastic U, silicone casting resin PCI Apogel SH and screed dowel PCI Apogel Dübel round off the programme for the system variant "Equally spaced joint pattern".

One system for everything: Tiles for the bathroom, other indoor areas, balconies and patios can be easily and reliably laid with the PCI "Universal tiling system".

Laying tiles with a system: Tiles can be laid very easily, thanks to the perfected Universal Tiling system. All components are perfectly matched and therefore optimally suited for use indoors and on balconies and patios.

Offering particular advantages: The "Equally spaced jont pattern" variant: Field limitation or movement joints can no longer adversely influence the harmony of the tiling.