PCI supports tomorrow's tiling specialists

Professional products for Master Craftsman's Certificate

Tilers in Germany are no longer obliged to obtain a Master Craftsman's Certificate. However, the same is true today as it was ten years ago when the regulation was changed: This certificate is still recognised as the highest standard of quality in the trade. Today, far fewer qualified tilers decide to continue their training to become "master tilers" than was the case in 2004 despite the fact that, from a technical and business perspective, the Master Craftsman's Certificate provides a solid foundation for the successful inception and management of a company. Those who decide to train to be a master craftsman not only improve their level of qualifications but can also set their company apart from the competition. This is why PCI endorses the Master Craftsman's Certificate in Germany and provides the next generation of master tilers studying at the Arnsberg vocational centre with their products. This ensures that tomorrow's construction specialists have the right professional products today to produce excellent work.

Master tiling specialists are the future of the tiling trade

Since January 1, 2004, tilers no longer require a permit or certificate to carry out their trade. Anyone can now set up their own company – without any prior knowledge or special qualifications. Ten years have elapsed since this law was passed. The results are overwhelmingly disappointing. "The fact that tilers are no longer required to obtain their master craftsman's certificate has not only led to an increasing drop in quality", comments Patrick Peetz, Master Craftsman employed to train apprentice tile and mosaic fitters at the vocational training centre in Arnsberg (bbz), the vocational training centre belonging to the Chamber of Crafts of South Westphalia. "The standard of training also suffers. Many companies have already stopped supporting this master craftsmen scheme". Contrary to this trend are the 15 tilers currently training to become master craftsmen at the bbz vocational training centre and who are developing their skills as part of their practical and hands-on training course. To ensure that their masterpieces are a success and that the students can work under professional conditions, PCI provides them with the necessary products from the extensive PCI range of products. Hubertus Dohle, professional consultant at PCI, adds: "The Master Craftsman's Certificate is synonymous with quality. We have supported this certificate from the very beginning“. He goes on to explain the commitment of PCI to the future master tilers in the bbz vocational training centre: "PCI products are designed with a particular focus on reliability and functional safety. We know just how important high-quality, compatible products designed precisely for specific applications are in practise. The students at the bbz in Arnsberg can already start profiting from these benefits.

Realistic training conditions

However this is not the only support given to tomorrow's construction professionals. PCI has supported the further training of qualified tilers at the Chamber of Crafts of South Westphalia for some time now by providing a special training adhesive that takes longer to harden. "We often spend time on-site at the vocational centre when we are needed so we know what these future young professionals need“, acknowledges Hubertus Dohle. "We support the training course when and where we can“. This special training adhesive is however an exception in the range of PCI products. "In general, the trainees profit more from working under ideal realistic conditions", explains the PCI professional consultant. "PCI offers a product range that can meet the tough requirements of the tilers during their training as well as later in their day-to-day operations“.  

In the workshops at the vocational training centre of Arnsberg, students were assigned the task of "building a wellness facility". The results were impressive. One of the masterpieces was in a mini 15 x 15 cm format, a format seldom used today in bathrooms. The arrangement of the small tile format and the relevant details made this masterpiece a particular challenge.

The newly qualified master tilers after they have passed their examinations dressed in PCI work clothes in front of their masterpieces with PCI products. Also appearing on the photo: Hubertus Dohle, PCI professional consultant (left), Lukas Lukuc, PCI applications engineer (2nd from right) and Patrick Peetz, Master Trainer at the Chamber of Crafts of South Westphalia (right).

The young master tilers have good reason to be proud of themselves. Hubertus Dohle, PCI professional consultant, congratulates them on passing their exams.