Simple to apply, easy to wash and brilliantly coloured: the new epoxy resin grout from PCI

PCI introduces PCI Durapox Premium for convenient grouting, especially in private showers

PCI Durapox Premium is an innovative epoxy resin mortar which has now been launched by PCI Augsburg GmbH: it is as creamy as a cementitious mortar and creates a homogeneous surface with extremely intensive colouring. In addition, PCI Durapox Premium is as strong and resistant to detergents as an epoxy resin mortar. The practical 2-kilogram pail is ideal for grouting tiles in the level-access showers of private bathrooms. There is scarcely any residue. From January 2018, PCI Durapox Premium is available from dealers in 13 different colours; for larger surfaces, the product is also offered in a 5-kilogram pail. 

“In PCI Durapox Premium, we have developed a joint grout that combines the benefits of epoxy resin mortar with a cementitious grout. For private owners, joints with stable colouring which are strong and easy to clean are extremely important. In addition, the colour should precisely match the tiling,” says Thorsten Leppler, Product Manager Tile Fixing Systems, PCI Group. “However, conventional epoxy resin mortars are more difficult to apply. Our objective was to offer a new generation of epoxy resin mortars providing the ideal solution for contractors and project owners. With PCI Durapox Premium, we have succeeded in doing precisely that.“  

Simple, smooth grouting
Its creamy consistency means that PCI Durapox Premium is as easy to process and apply as a cementitious grout. Only the tools normally used for cementitious grouts, such as rubber grouting float and standard sponge float, are needed. Tilers no longer require special tools such as epoxy resin sponges or pads. Thanks to the easy-to-clean effect, the washing down of PCI Durapox Premium is also a quick and easy process. Any resin smears of the type that can occur when using epoxy resin mortar can be removed easily without any residue using PCI Durapox Finish cleaning agent. It is only necessary to wait between 5 and 10 minutes before washing down the joints. The final washing stage about one hour later means that the tiler can quickly complete work on the same day. 

Joints with trendy colours
In addition to ease of use, PCI Durapox Premium also offers an especially homogenous, finely sealed joint surface. “The joint is extremely well-filled, which not only improves its appearance but also makes it strong and durable,” Leppler says. With its many different colours, PCI Durapox Premium offers a wide range of design possibilities. The 13 colours on offer have been especially selected to match the wood-effect and concrete-effect ceramic tiles that are currently so popular. PCI Durapox Premium joints stay attractive and their colours remain stable in the long term: they do not darken or fade as a result of ageing. 

PCI Durapox Premium in two pail sizes
PCI Durapox Premium in the 2-kilogram pail is especially designed for grouting work on the level-access showers that are becoming increasingly popular. The compact container makes for easier handling in a private home. The 5-kilogram pail for larger surfaces is available in the six most popular colours. PCI Durapox Premium is also used in public baths, wellness areas and the food industry. The epoxy resin mortar features high resistance to chemical attack and mechanical strength, is water-impermeable and provides a water vapour barrier. Thanks to the “easy-to-clean” effect, the joints really are easy to clean; the resistance effect means that they also withstand attack by aggressive detergents.

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PCI Durapox Premium in the 2-kilogram pail is ideal for grouting tiled surfaces in the level-access showers of private bathrooms. The 5-kilogram pail is especially designed for larger surfaces in facilities such as public baths or wellness areas.

Thanks to its creamy consistency, PCI Durapox Premium is easy to apply using a conventional rubber float.

Epoxy resin residue is easy to remove from the tiled surface using PCI Durapox Finish. The cleaning agent is available in a 500-ml spray bottle or a 750-g can as a concentrate for adding to the washing water.