PCI Repament Multi: the variable-consistency repair mortar for concrete floors

PCI presents new multi-use fast-setting mortar

PCI Augsburg GmbH has launched PCI Repament Multi, a new repair mortar for the refurbishment of concrete substrates and cement screeds as well as light grouting work. As a result of its high compressive strength and its consistency, which can be adjusted from creamy to flowable, the fast-setting mortar is suitable for a variety of applications and is also convenient to use. As it can already be worked over after about six hours, PCI Repament Multi is the fast, convenient solution for builders, bricklayers and contractors in general. The pre-mixed mortar is available from dealers from January 2018. 

“Building projects often include minor concrete repair work which the contractor must complete as simply and rapidly as possible in order to stay within the time schedule,” says Tobias Bosse, Marketing Manager, Construction Products, PCI Group. “For work of this type, PCI Repament Multi is the ideal mortar because it is extremely versatile and sets fast. It is well-suited for indoor and outdoor work, for the refurbishment of concrete floors and for minor grouting work on concrete structures. It is a handy construction site assistant for bricklayers and contractors.” 

Creamy to flowable – the convenient allrounder
PCI Repament Multi can be adjusted to the consistency needed for the individual project by changing the quantity of gauging water: a creamy consistency can be used for repair work on smaller floor areas up to 10 square metres, while a flowable mortar is needed for grouting holes and anchoring points. The mortar can be applied in thicknesses between 10 and 70 millimetres. It is faster and more convenient than conventional repair mortars: with a flowable consistency, PCI is self-levelling and cures virtually without shrinkage. The floor can already be walked on and tiled over after about six hours. 

Suitable for heavy loads
“To make sure that our new repair mortar is really suitable for all the proposed applications, we have given PCI Repament Multi special technical properties. Its compressive strength is extraordinarily high, at 60 to 80 N/mm2. This means that industrial floors can also be refurbished using PCI Repament Multi without any reservations,” says Bosse. The repair mortar is waterproof and frostproof. In addition, it has very low emissions and is certified to GEV-EMICODE EC1 PLUS R. At the dealer’s, PCI Repament Multi is easily recognizable by its bright yellow and blue packaging.

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The new multi-use repair mortar PCI Repament Multi in 25-kilogram sacks is easily recognizable by its bright yellow and blue packaging.

PCI Repament Multi is a useful allrounder for builders, bricklayers and contractors. The consistency of the fast-setting mortar can be adjusted between creamy and flowable.

When set to a flowable consistency, PCI Repament Multi is ideal for minor grouting work.