Object: Pullmann Toulouse Centre
Subtitle: Beautiful new bathing worlds
Date: 20.11.11
City: Toulouse, France 
Completion: 2011

Pullmann Hotel Toulouse Centre (Refurbishment of more than 100 bathrooms)

Size: floors and walls with a surface of 2,700 sq. m
Products used:

PCI Nanolight

PCI Lastogum

PCI Pecitape

PCI Gisogrund 404

Owner:  TECHBAT Castanet / SHTC, Accor
Architect: Architect: Cabinet Drapeaud, Toulouse
Company: <span lang="EN-US">Anny Céramique</span>
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Mitten im Herzen von Toulouse an der Allée Jean Jaurès liegt das modern gestaltete 4-Sterne-Hotel Pullmann Toulouse Centre. Das auf  

The 4-star hotel in modern design, Pullmann Toulouse Centre, is situated right in the heart of Toulouse, at the Allée Jean Jaurès. The hotel focusses on business travellers and offers more than 119 rooms plus suites. In 2009, the hotel management decided to renovate all of the rooms including the bathing areas whilst the hotel business had to be continued. That was a real challenge for the craftsmen and also in terms of material and logistics.


Small details often decide on the materials used for a project. In the case of Pullmann Hotel Toulose Centre, there was a full range of details, and all of them suggested to opt for PCI Nanolight®. With hindsight, it appeared almost as if PCI Nanolight® was made exactly for that project.


PCI Nanolight® – a material tailored to that project


First detail: During the reconstruction phase all trades had to share one elevator. That was the only means of transportation to distribute the construction materials to all of the rooms on the eight floors. The PCI Nanolight® bags of 15kg are significantly lighter and more efficient than traditional self-levelling mortars. So the bags could be distributed within 190 transportation ways instead of 540 with traditional ones.


Second detail: The refurbishment measures took place whilst business continued as near to normal as possible. Hence, the primary concern was to keep the inconvenience for the guests caused by the renovation work to a minimum. So a further plus for using PCI Nanolight® here were its low-dust and very low-emission characteristics.


Tested and approved


Third detail: Adhesive force. As some coverings had to be applied to the existing tiles, an adhesive mortar with excellent adhesive properties was wanted. The Gallienni institute, located in Toulouse, performed, especially for that case, some comparative tests. The test result was clear leaving no doubt for the usage of PCI Nanolight®. So the client was completely convinced of its quality in the end. Furthermore, another PCI Nanolight® characteristic was of great importance for applying the covering to the existing ceramic tiles: It is suitable for the levelling of uneven subfloors.


2,700 sq. m – a success story


Finally, all of the rooms and bathrooms were successfully modernised within five months. Altogether, floors and walls with a surface of 2,700 sq. m got new coverings and 5.7 tons of PCI Nanolight® were applied. A glance into the newly designed bathrooms, shining in an elegant atmosphere, shows that the work was worth it. And this is supported by positive feedback that continues to come in from guests. The refurbishment of the Pullman Hotel Toulouse Centre is a success history that came true thanks to PCI.