Object: Water, wellness, warm weather – and all of that in the cool North
Date: 05.08.07
City: Glücksburg, Germany 
Completion: 2007

Laying and sealing of ceramic in an area of approx. 1,150 sqm of different pool shells made of reinforced concrete as well as about 1,100 sqm of wall space and 950 sqm of floor space in the pool area, dressing rooms and staff rooms as well as in the kitchen.

Products used:

PCI Pericret

PCI Repament

PCI Seccoral 2K

PCI Pecitape

PCI FT Extra

PCI Durafug NT

PCI Apoflex TF

PCI Durapox NT plus

PCI Nanolight

Owner: Erlebnisbad und Wellnesszentrum Glücksburg GmbH
General contractor: BATEG Ingenieurbau GmbH, Berlin
Architect: Planungsbüro Deyle, Stuttgart<br /> BATEG Ingenieurbau GmbH, Berlin
Company: RIDULA Fliesen GmbH, Berlin
Specialist advice: Artur Fuchs, Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Albert
Your contact for enquiries:

Kerstin Jung
PCI Augsburg GmbH
Tel.: 0821-5901-347
Fax: 0821-5901-416
E-Mail: kerstin.k.jung@basf.com

The city of Gluecksburg is located at the very north point of Germany, separated from Denmark only by the Flensburg fjord. The small, elegant city at the Baltic Sea presents itself as an ideal place to relax and appeals to nature lovers, sportsmen and water bugs as well as people loving culture. Needless to say that Gluecksburg benefits from its privileged location, the picturesque Flensburg inner fjord and the ruggedly romantic outer fjord leading to the open sea.

And because even making holiday can be exhausting and the weather might not be perfect for the daily programme at all times it is since spring 2007 that the city has been attracting visitors and residents to its brandnew wellness oasis. This water playground named “Fördeland Therme Gluecksburg” is a combination of indoor water park, swimming pool and an outdoor pool with warm seawater and a wellness area where you can celebrate everything your heart desires from shiseido, thalasso, sauna and solarium, thermium and tepidarium.