Object: Interior design specialist for exclusive furniture relies on high quality for renovation project, down to the smallest detail
Subtitle: js einrichten GmbH at stilwerk in Düsseldorf
Date: 24.05.12
City: Düsseldorf, Germany 
Completion: 2012

Installing large-size tiles on wall and floor space

Size: approx. 400m²
Products used:

PCI Epoxigrund 390, PCI Rapidlight, PCI Geofug, PCI Silcoferm VE

Owner: js einrichten GmbH
Company: Franz Morick GmbH
Specialist advice: Dipl.-Ing. Klauspeter Ludwig

The fact that sophisticated architecture and high quality workmanship go hand in hand is made evident by the newly designed js einrichten GmbH shop at stilwerk in Düsseldorf: Customers, but particularly those interested in design and architecture, experience first-hand the perfect harmony of an entire interior. In cooperation with Franz Morick GmbH, Düsseldorf and the construction chemicals specialist PCI Augsburg GmbH, the client created a consistent overall picture, and thus a suitable atmosphere for the exclusive furniture collection by Minotti, Italy.

Since the grand opening of the stilwerk in 2000, js einrichten GmbH is part of the exclusive Düsseldorf shopping mall, under the successful management of owner Jens Sachse and his wife.  Their concept focuses mainly on modern Italian quality brands - especially the famous Minotti brand.  To introduce this brand to the German public in a unique manner, the owner relocated the shop within the building complex.  The new shop, which opened its doors in November 2011, is fully consistent with his requirements. Together with his wife, Jens Sachse makes sure that the valuable treasures are put in the right light, even in the smallest spaces. So it is no wonder that care was taken to ensure a perfect fit even between the tiles. Against this background, the professionals of Franz Morick GmbH, in close consultation with PCI applications engineer Klauspeter Ludwig, renovated the shop for the Minotti brand.

First of all, to ensure proper adhesion for the new tiles, the floor had to be completely sanded. After that it was ready for the application of the special primer PCI Epoxigrund 390 and quartz sand (grain size 0.3 to 0.8 mm). Large-size tiles were installed on the prepared floor and wall spaces. The client selected plates of the Microment series, Apavisa brand in grey colour. They now cover the floor in 60 x 60 cm squares and the wall in 60 x 120 cm rectangles. To ensure the bond between substrate and tile, the building specialists relied on the fast-acting and lightweight flexible adhesive PCI Rapidlight. The joints of the tiles were ready for grouting with the new geopolymer high-convenience ceramic joint PCI Geofug after only three hours. As in the case of accessories, which provide a balanced support to the presentation of the exhibited furniture, utmost care was taken with the floor and wall covering to create perfect harmony, down to the smallest detail. This is why the choice fell on PCI Geofug joint, which gives a coherent impression of floor and wall due to its ceramic-like surface.  Another benefit of the joint: Any residual dirt or certain types of mould automatically decompose on the PCI Geofug surface when exposed to light. Last but not least, the existing corner and connection joints were sealed with the elastic silicone joint sealant  PCI Silcoferm VE  - naturally in the corresponding shade of cement-grey.

 "Minotti stands for highest quality. In PCI we have found a very competent and especially reliable partner for this project", states Jens Sachse. "I have had very positive response from colleagues and customers alike. Many visitors are fascinated by the transformation, get inspiration for their own shop and congratulate us to the excellent style", says Jens Sachse with a strong sense of satisfaction and passion for perfected design.