Object: Bathroom renovation with classic marble
Subtitle: Spellbinding beauty of nature within one's own four walls
Date: 10.05.12
City: Düsseldorf, Germany 
Completion: 2012

Fitting light and dark marble on floor and wall of a bathroom and guest WC

Size: Wall covering: 28.70 m², Floor covering: 16.45 m²
Products used:

PCI Pecilastic U [Waterproofing and isolating membrane], PCI Pecitape Silent [Self-adhesive insulation tape], PCI Gisogrund [Wash primer / protective primer], PCI Carralight [Flexible, light thin-bed mortar], PCI Lastogum [Waterproof, flexible protective coating], PCI Pecitape WS caulking tape [Self-adhesive waterproofing tape], PCI Pecitape 10 x 10 collar [Special waterproofing tape system], PCI Carrament [Medium-bed mortar] white and grey, PCI Carrafug [Special joint grout] sand grey and pearl grey, PCI Carraferm [Silicone joint sealant] sand grey and pearl grey, PCI DIN Polyband [Sealant backfiller], PCI Glättmittel [Smoothing agent]

Architect: Architect Dipl.-Ing. Philipp van Noppen
Company: Johannes van Noppen (Master Craftsman - tiling, paving and mosaic specialist)
Specialist advice: Hermann Gajowczyk, Stefan Marx
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Materials from nature engender a blissful atmosphere and with their natural colours and patterns they present a sophisticated highlight in the distinctive home. This is why the owners of a Düsseldorf residence decided to use marble for the installation of their bathroom and the adjacent guest WC. Here both the wall and the floor were to be faced and new bathroom equipment made with the natural material. Consulting with the architect, the residents settled on two different types of marble. For a total of 28.7 m² wall area in both rooms and for the double washbowl in the bathroom and the hand washbasin in the guest WC, they selected a light Covelano marble. The floor with a size of 16.45 m² was to be covered with dark Etruscan Fossil from Tunisia throughout.