Object: Competitive once again: Indoor swimming pool Gedern in Germany with new design
Subtitle: Essential refurbishment prevents old swimming pool from demolition
Date: 10.05.12
City: Gedern, Germany 
Completion: 2012

 Refurbishment of the whole swimming pool bordering and walls as well as the showers and the barrier-free redesigned bathrooms

Size: Pool of 25 m: approx. 430 sq. m floor tiles of which 230 sq. m pool edge; 280 sq. m wall tiles (shower, toilet and pool area)
Products used:

PCI Gisogrund 303, PCI Seccoral 2K, PCI Pecitape 120, PCI Nanolight, PCI Durafug NT

Owner: Gedern municipality
Architect: Architects Alfred Möller, Bad Nauheim, Germany
Company: Tiling company Fliesen Möller GmbH  Co. KG, Kalbach, Germany
Specialist advice: Mr Ingo Grollmisch, PCI Application Technology
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The German volcano city Gedern, idyllically situated at the southwest hillside of the "Vogelberg", offers residents and visitors a wide range of leisure time facilities. This includes the city indoor swimming pool as well. Built in the seventies as a functional training pool, it has lost more and more its attractiveness and acceptance over the years. Consequently, visitor numbers declined steadily, not least because of the high competition by more attractive leisure and adventure pools in the environment. So the Gedern municipality decided to refurbish the indoor swimming pool from the scratch, and assigned that task to the Alfred Möller architects of Bad Nauheim. In close cooperation with tiling company Möller, PCI application engineer Ingo Grollmisch developed the restructuring plan for tiling the pool edge, the walls as well as the showers and toilet areas. The sound pool body was kept.