Object: Getting off track, but with safety
Subtitle: Auto club enters race with PCI
Date: 25.10.12
City: Saalfelden, Austria 
Completion: 2012

Renovation of the skid pan of the ÖAMTC Driving Centre

Size: 130 m²
Products used:

PCI Apoten PU

Owner: ÖAMTC Driving Centre in Saalfelden / Brandlhof
Specialist advice: PCI application engineer Eduard Reumann
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The objective of the skid pan renovation at the Driving Centre in Saalfelden was to create an intact smooth area. Because only then is it possible to simulate dangerous traffic situations that can be created by wet or icy roads. Thanks to the expertise of PCI application engineer Eduard Reumann and the use of tested products it was possible to finish the work on the skid coating in record time. While preparing the area, the site technicians repaired the driving surface. Bumps and unevenness, resulting from years of wear, were sanded down and reprofiled. Next the surface was cleaned, allowing the application of the PUR coating PCI Apoten PU. This product is an extremely wear-resistant floor covering that is even resistant to chemicals. "The old covering on the skid areas consisted also of PCI Apoten PU", explained Johann Cantonati, ÖAMTC driving instructor. "Since our experience with this covering has been very positive over time – it served well for seven years – we decided to use the same product again for the renovation. Thus, we are convinced that the next renovation will be a long time off despite the high load." Eduard Reumann had this to add: "The polyurethane liquid resin based coating is ideal for the skid areas. The thus created substrate is not only resistant to mechanical loads, but also features a high level of durability due to its reliable bond."