Object: Venerable church nave receives a strong substrate
Subtitle: Franciscan monastery church
Date: 16.12.11
City: Zeitz, Germany 
Completion: 2011

Renewal of the floor in the monastery church

Size: 450 m²
Products used:

PCI Nanocret R3

PCI Gisogrund 404

PCI Armiermatte GFS

PCI Zemtec 1K

PCI Armiermatte GFM

PCI Zemtec Top

Owner: City of Zeitz
Architect: Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Kaptain, freelance architect
Company: Heidrich Estrich Bau, Bad Klosterlausnitz Baubetrieb Buzalski GmbH, Zeitz o'color Meisterbetrieb des Maler- und Lackiererhandwerks, Bad Köstritz Willi Jebok Maschinenbau Baumaschinen OHG, Chemnitz
Specialist advice: PCI applications engineer Stefan Hofmann PCI consultant Jörg Schulze
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The Franciscan monastery on the south edge of the old city region of Zeitz is one of the best maintained monasteries in Saxony-Anhalt. The city has been using the monastery church as a popular event location since 2011. After the first events, the screed over the irregular sandstone pavement was found to have some defects, extensive hollow layers and cracks. The floor of the monastery church was therefore renovated across an area of 450 m². First of all, all bonding-inimical layers and contamination were removed by steel ball shotblasting. The construction professionals re-profiled the defects with the stable repair mortar PCI Nanocret 70 (replaced by PCI Nanocret R3). After the re-profiling, the workers primed the area, building a film with two applications of PCI Gisogrund 404. In order to strengthen the flexural strength of the subsequent floor levelling compound, two armour mats were used: The PCI armour mat GFS was applied at right angles 60 cm from the working joints, the PCI armour mat GFM was laid across the entire area. The glass-fibre mats guarantee uncomplicated installation and therefore rapid construction progress. The construction professionals fixed the glass-fibre reinforcement in the area of the working joints with the cement-based floor leveller PCI Zemtec 1K and also pumped this product over the entire floor surface to create a layer thickness of 10 mm. In order to lighten the surface appearance and to achieve a suitable overall ambience, the renovation was completed with a glaze through the application of the dispersion-based sealing PCI Zemtec Top. This has made the floor particularly resistant against light rubbing and rolling loads, as well as being anti-skid - ideal therefore for the purposes of the Zeitz church.