Object: The right combination for a successful repair
Subtitle: Pont de Loveresse - Stronger crossing allows traffic to flow
Date: 26.10.12
City: Reconvilier, Switzerland 
Completion: 2012

Strengthen the cantilevered girders, anchor the reinforcing steel in the carriageway, corrosion protection, protect against moisture and against frost and de-icing salt

Products used:

PCI Nanocret R4 Fluid; PCI Repafast Fluid; PCI Nanocret AP; PCI Nanocret R4; PCI Nanocret FC; PCI Silconal 329

Company: De Luca S.A.
Specialist advice: Baseli Giger Günther Haas
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Various changes have been made to the static system of the "Pont de Loveresse" bridge in Reconvilier (Switzerland) during the course of repair work. An important part of these changes involved strengthening the cantilevered girders. The construction professionals of construction company De Luca S. A. began by using jets of extremely high pressure water of up to 2,000 bar to expose and clean even the smallest of spaces. Then they opened up the road surface in several places along the carriageway with the resulting slots traversing the joints between the cantilevered girders. This created four notches on each girder, which, once reinforced, would absorb the tensile forces of the structure. The specialists filled the exposed cantilevered girders with the self-sealing PCI Nanocret R4 Fluid heavy-duty repair mortar. As the material has very good flow characteristics it easily filled the tight spaces without leaving any gaps. Then the carriageway was strengthened by inserting reinforcing steel in the previously created notches. The professionals filled the approximately 10-cm deep, 30-cm wide and 4-m long slots with the free-flowing PCI Repafast Fluid repair mortar, which anchored the reinforcing steel into the carriageway.

In order for the bridge in the Jura region of Switzerland to continue to be able to withstand loads and remain available for crossings as normal, not only the bridge deck slabs but also the cantilevered parapets, supports and contact areas were strengthened. To protect the reinforcing steel from corrosion, the construction professionals covered it with PCI Nanocret AP adhesive slurry. The major advantage of this is that the material is ideal for use as corrosion protection and as a bonding course on the reinforcement, and the cantilevered parapets could then be reprofiled with the PCI Nanocret R4 heavy-duty repair mortar. The supports of the Pont de Loveresse were also updated. The experts then spread PCI Nanocret FC over the PCI Nanocret R4 heavy-duty repair mortar, using the fibre-reinforced smoothing compound to create a resistant surface on the support plates. The product hardens without any stresses, which reduces the risk of cracks forming. To give the surfaces optimum protection against moisture and against frost and de-icing salt, the supports were then impregnated with the cream-like PCI Silconal 329 hydrophobising agent.