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Augsburg | 2020

Reesepark I in Augsburg

A housing complex with 141 publicly subsidized apartments and integrated local facilities is currently being built on a site formerly used for military purposes in the north-west of Augsburg, "Reese Barracks". The local supplier of construction chemical products, PCI Augsburg GmbH, is also involved in what is currently the largest new-build product of Augsburg Leben Gmb ...

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Siegen | 2020

Structural safety thanks to rapid concrete repairs

The load-bearing capacity requirements for ceilings and supports in connection with concrete repairs are very stringent. Repair mortars need to dry fast and guarantee structural safety. PCI Nanocret R4 Rapid meets these criteria. This mortar was used for the refurbishment of a former furniture store in Siegen.

When the use of a building ...

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Doesburg, Holland | 2019

Artistic glass mosaics on the largest fish ladder in the Netherlands

All clear for trout and eels: thanks to the construction of a fish pass in Doesburg, fish can once again reach their breeding areas in the German-Dutch border area. In a room beside the fish ladder, visitors can observe the fish and also admire artistic glass mosaics on the walls. The tiler working on the project opted for laying materials from PCI Augsburg GmbH. He found the system products ju ...

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Bevensen-Ebstorf | 2019

Bathing as in ancient Rome

The ancient Romans were already well aware of the healthy, relaxing effect of lengthy bathing. A property owner near to Lüneburg Heath took Roman bathing culture as his model and planned a private spa on his land, which has an area of several thousand square meters. With the support of PCI Augsburg GmbH and using selected PCI system products, Fliesen-Engelke GmbH tiled the floors and walls of ...

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Mellau | 2018

The challenge of waterproofing

With its hotel “Die Wälderin”, the Frick family has ushered in a new era of accommodation in Mellau. The building is the largest newly constructed hotel facility in the Bregenzerwald district of Austria. In the 114 guest rooms and the 2,500 square metre wellness area with swimming pools and saunas, guests can expect authentic hospitality and a relaxed atmosphere with a modern design. The opti ...
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Timmendorfer Strand | 2017

Walking barefoot a definite possibility: PCI makes floors a feel-good zone

Everything started with a photo, which shows one of the oldest buildings on Lübeck Bay – the Dryade Hotel, a venerable institution. The villa, built at the beginning of the 20th century, creates a definite atmosphere, with many corners and fine wooden balconies. The hotel lost a lot of its original charm when it was converted into the Hotel Meridian in the 1970s. Designer Til Schweiger, who gav ...
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Kochel am See | 2017

A fairytale spa

Semiprecious stones on the walls, mosaics from Italy, elaborate carved wood – the Kristall trimini family spa in Kochel am See has become a wellness oasis with a touch of Neuschwanstein. That is no accident: from the thermal baths, visitors have a direct view of the Herzogstand, where King Ludwig II once had his Königshaus built. In addition to magnificent furnishings, the top priority of Krist ...
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Thomasberg | 2017

High-precision laying of large-format tiles

Perfection is the trademark of F. LIST GMBH: the internationally active company from Thomasberg in Austria that plans and produces high-quality interiors for private jets, yachts and luxury homes. For his own company, Chairman Franz List also sets the highest standards in terms of style, high-grade materials and a modern atmosphere. The newly constructed company restaurant “franz”, with its fu ...
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Heringsdorf on the island of Usedom | 2017

Fast laying of really large slabs

On the island of Usedom on the Baltic coast of Germany, a housing development with residential and holiday flats was constructed in 2016 very near to the beach in the elegant seaside resort of Heringsdorf. In one of the flats, Italian slabs with a size of 300 x 150 cm were laid on a floor area of about 110 m². In the bathrooms, large wall tiles with a size of 33 x 100 cm were installed over an ar ...
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Friedberg-Hügelshart | 2017/18

PCI: building material partner for Germany’s first “Effizienzhaus Plus” housing estate

Germany’s first “Effizienzhaus Plus” (high-efficiency home plus) housing estate is located in the Hügelshart district of Friedberg to the east of Augsburg. The model project implemented by asset bauen wohnen gmbh in cooperation with the building materials division of BayWa AG is a ground-breaking example of high energy efficiency, healthy and economical building. The nine detached and four- ...
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Neubrandenburg  | 2016/17

A floor that is all of a piece

The objective of project owner and builder Holger Andreas in Neubrandenburg was to create a unique floor for his modern home. The cementitious levelling compound PCI Periplan Multi was used with a black tinting paste produced by MIXOL to construct an extraordinary floor with aesthetically pleasing colour progressions. Apart from its special appearance, the floor, which was to be used without addit ...
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Salach | 2017

A firm foundation

Refurbishment work in a church presents considerable challenges – as regards finance, planning and craftsmanship. This also applies to the floor. The surfaces involved are very large, with complex shapes, and are interrupted by pillars. Nevertheless, the screed should be homogeneous, with as few joints as possible. These objectives were met at the Catholic church of St. Margaretha in Salach, Bad ...
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Hof | 2016

Focusing on cars

The large Automobil-Zentrum-Hof has been located on the edge of Hof, a town in “uppermost Bavaria”, as the local people say, since 2016. Here, Motor-Nützel GmbH focuses its operations in Hof at one location, with Audi, Volkswagen and Skoda dealerships. The car dealer built the new facilities at the centre in accordance with the latest standards of the carmakers concerned. The Skoda showroom f ...
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Pinneberg | 2016

Masterful refurbishment: large tiles in a car showroom

The Swedish carmaker Volvo has developed a new corporate identity (CI) for its car dealerships. The reduced Scandinavian design represents modernity and quality. These requirements were implemented by Finck und Claus GmbH in the refurbishment of its dealership in Pinneberg – with large grey tiles laid in a matched pattern. Tile laying was by no means easy; the project had to be completed fast at ...
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Chemnitz, Germany | 2016

Night shifts for the “Roter Turm”

After 16 years of operation, the “Galerie Roter Turm” shopping centre in Chemnitz has been modernized in terms of appearance and function. Large tiles have been laid over an area of about 3,000 square metres, without any interruptions to normal business. To ensure that visitors did not suffer any inconvenience during the six and a half months of alterations, all the work was performed at night ...
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Linnich, Germany | 2014

A stylish floor with large tiles

Large tiles are fashionable. They not only create an exclusive, modern impression but also make small rooms look larger and large rooms seem calmer. This was why master tiler Jens Pomplun from Linnich used 270 x 120 cm fully vitrified tiles in his living room. He not only benefited from PCI advice and professional workmanship in his private life but was also able to gain valuable experience and sp ...
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Rotterdam, Netherlands | 2014

“Oostelijk Zwembad” swimming pool in Rotterdam

Rotterdam’s oldest swimming pool, located in the east of the city, is appropriately named “Oostelijk Zwembad”, which simply means “eastern swimming pool”. The pool, which was constructed in 1932 and is a protected monument, certainly needed to be renovated some 80 years later. Authentic restoration in the style of the 1930s was one of the essential requirements. This was a real challenge ...
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Offenbach am Main, Germany | 2014

Good prospects with PCI products

As a result of their exposed position, balconies and terraces are subject to severe weather conditions and high temperature differences. Nevertheless, using innovative tiling systems, it is possible to lay durable coverings on balconies and terraces. In order to achieve this objective, it is important to follow the generally accepted rules of technology or to use proven special solutions. Tiles mu ...
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Neu-Isenburg, Germany | 2014

Step-by-step restoration with PCI products

Guests at the forest-ringed Neu-Isenburg swimming pool are sure to have a great time outdoors: A swimming pool diving platform with a 5-metre diving tower, a 50-metre swimmer's pool and a large non-swimmer's pool are situated in a park covering about 2.5 hectares and featuring an old stock of trees. However in 2009 restoration became unavoidable due to substantial damage at the poolside edge of th ...
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Stuttgart, Germany | 2013

The Wilhelma water lily pool

The Stuttgart Wilhelma is unique in many respects. The only zoological and botanical garden in Germany has a long history that stretches back to the 19th century. In addition to more than 1,000 species of animal, the Wilhelma also houses around 7,000 plant species in its historical park and greenhouses. And some of them have found a very special place. Located in the centrepiece of the site, th ...

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Murnau, Germany | 2013

The terrace as a feel-good area

For a terrace to inject a small bit of luxury into the monotony of everyday life, not only is it necessary to carefully select the upper covering, it is particularly important to ensure the right technology is used for the substrate in order to meet the high requirements placed on it. A terrace in Murnau was therefore renovated and extended by professionals who used large-format fine porcelain sto ...
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St. Martin bei Lofer, Austria | 2013

Campsite Grubhof

The Grubhof campsite in the middle of St. Martin bei Lofer reflects the characteristics of the region: closeness to nature, tradition and warm hospitality. Since 2013, the new 5-star sanitation facility has increased the level of comfort of the approximately twelve-acre campsite by taking the load off the existing sanitary facilities during the high season and shortening the paths between the pitc ...
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Hafenlohr, Germany | 2013

Robust warehouse for intelligent children's furniture

Roughly 3,500 square metres were converted in the facility of furniture manufacturer Paidi Möbel GmbH; the production hall was turned into a warehouse with a tough substrate The first construction phase was particularly difficult: This was due to the fact that the substrate consisted of cracked, partially raised mastic asphalt with cement-based repairs. Based on the complicated situation, the tea ...
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Krefeld, Germany | 2013

Relax in luxury with just a minimum of space

With just 4.5 square metres of space, Thorsten Verhoeven, owner of master builders BAUART, has put a revolutionary idea into practice: a mobile wellness oasis with tiled steam shower cabin, recessed wash basin and designer radiator. He uses the vehicle to bring the benefits of a steam shower to life for those interested in the system. What's more, he offers his customers the mobile premium bathroo ...
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Moers, Germany | 2013

Old bathroom transformed into modern interior to suit all generations

After 21 years Rolf Wiegner from Moers finally decided to turn his bathroom into a modern, barrier-free interior. For the total refurbishment of the interior, the homeowner opted for the competent advice of contractors Altbausanierung Jansen in Duisburg and construction chemicals manufacturer PCI Augsburg GmbH. The result: Since the end of January 2013 the Moers resident has been the owner of a mo ...
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Munich, Germany | 2013

Refurbishment of Mercedes Car Dealership Munich

New, company and used cars are exhibited and sold in the Mercedes-Benz Centre Munich over an area covering approx. 14,000 m². The high room of the atrium, spanning several stories with a glass roof and two platforms which can be reached via stairs, offers every option for elegant presentation. Unfortunately, the flooring which consisted of an open pore coating of epoxy resin and quartz sand, was ...
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Duisburg-Homberg, Germany | 2013

PCI Pavifix 1K Extra: professional grouting for domestic use

Paving and natural stone surfaces need to satisfy complex requirements and be visually appealing at the same time. The choice of grout is crucial for professional installation. The PCI Pavifix family provides grout for every load and construction. When creating a private garden terrace in Duisburg-Homberg, the paving grout PCI Pavifix 1K Extra was used. At the recommendation of PCI applications en ...
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Zwolle, Netherlands | 2013

PCI completes its major project in the Netherlands in record time

The construction of the new sports and leisure pool "De Vrolijkheid" in the Dutch city of Zwolle is remarkable for two reasons: First, it is one of the most energy-efficient pools of its kind. Second, it is one of the major projects in the Netherlands in which the PCI Augsburg GmbH’s product range was deployed on a grand scale. Thanks to the favourable processing properties of the mate ...
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Trinwillershagen, Germany | 2012

A wellness oasis made entirely of salt

In Trinwillershagen, not far from the Baltic coast, Karin and Axel Günther have built a wellness oasis made entirely of salt. A salt crystal was the model for the 16-cornered ground plan of the Salztürme (salt towers), covering an area of about 100 m2. They had 38 tonnes of salt imported from Pakistan for the interior covering. 32 tonnes were installed as tiles, blocks and bricks. On ...
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Krefeld, Germany | 2012

Architectural highlight with generous natural stone flooring

In the spacious living area on the ground floor of a town villa in Krefeld, large, floor-length windows allow in plenty of natural light. The high-quality natural stone flooring gives the impression of spaciousness and airiness, linking the interior to the outside. A total of 400 m2 of calibrated blocks of quartzite natural stone were laid: 200 m2 in the living area and 200 m ...
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Reconvilier, Switzerland | 2012

The right combination for a successful repair

Various changes have been made to the static system of the "Pont de Loveresse" bridge in Reconvilier (Switzerland) during the course of repair work. An important part of these changes involved strengthening the cantilevered girders. The construction professionals of construction company De Luca S. A. began by using jets of extremely high pressure water of up to 2,000 bar to expose and cl ...
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Mettmann, Germany | 2012

Modern bathroom design with XXL-tiles

At the beginning of 2012, the owner of a somewhat outdated bathroom in a two-family house in Mettmann decided time was ripe for a renovation to give it a breath of fresh air. The client was particularly keen on having a wall covering that was as easy to clean as possible, and 60 x 120 cm Italian porcelain stoneware tiles were therefore chosen. The demolition work was to be kept to a minimum and co ...
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Saalfelden, Austria | 2012

Getting off track, but with safety

The objective of the skid pan renovation at the Driving Centre in Saalfelden was to create an intact smooth area. Because only then is it possible to simulate dangerous traffic situations that can be created by wet or icy roads. Thanks to the expertise of PCI application engineer Eduard Reumann and the use of tested products it was possible to finish the work on the skid coating in record time. Wh ...
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Berlin, Germany | 2012

Star quality behind tiles

The vibrant Berlin district of Kreuzberg is home to the subway station Südstern, opened in 1924. After more than 80 years of subway operation it was time for an extensive renewal, which took place between 2010 and 2011; the objective was a fundamental repair and providing handicap accessibility. Focus of renovation of the area behind the track: the severely damaged walls. Here the aim was to remo ...
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Augsburg, Germany | 2012

Sophisticated flooring in the reptile house at Augsburg Zoo

The reptile house at Augsburg Zoo underwent an impressive transformation. In the process, the responsible parties relied on products of the construction chemicals specialist PCI Augsburg GmbH. The requirement was to create a slip and abrasion resistant wear layer that is easy to clean, has an attractive look with best possible colour matching, and in addition absorbs thermal movement of flooring c ...
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Ilshofen, Germany | 2012

Production hall visually composed by PCI

Bei der Erweiterung seiner Firmengebäude setzte das Unternehmen Bausch + Ströbel, Hersteller von Verpackungs- und Produktionssystemen für die pharmazeutische, kosmetische und chemische Industrie, auf die natürliche Variante und entschied sich für die Ausstattung der neuen Montagehalle mit Naturwerkstein. Insgesamt galt es, von Mai bis Juli 2012 eine Fläche von rund 5.000 m2 mit Gr ...
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Limburg, Germany | 2012

Twin towns chiselled in stone

The picturesque town of Limburg can look back on a long tradition. This also includes its historical twinning with 3 towns: Sainte Foy-lès-Lyon in France, Oudenburg in Belgium and Lichfield in Great Britain. To pay special tribute to these relations, Limburg officials decided to have an impressive (ground-level) image made from paving stones laid on the Europaplatz in the town.  Together wit ...
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Augsburg, Germany | 2012

The pavement in front of the reptile house in Augsburg shines in new splendour thanks to PCI

1.500 animals on a total area of approximately 22 hectares - the Augsburg Zoo offers a rich world of discovery, filled with domestic and exotic inhabitants. Among them are about 50 reptiles and amphibians that have been given a new home: The reptile house from the 1970s has been completely demolished and replaced by a modern building, a new place for the animals to call home. The products by the c ...
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Frankfurt on the Main, Germany | 2012

The joints are what truly matters

The thermal springs Titus Thermen in the North-West centre of Frankfurt on the Main are one of three leisure and adventure pools run by BBF BäderBetriebe Frankfurt GmbH. Designed and constructed after the Late Roman model in 1992, the thermal springs offer bathing fun and relaxation for the whole family over an area of 5000 sq. m. The refurbishment of the cementitious joints had become necessary ...
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Inningen near Augsburg, Germany | 2012

A sturdy base for rescue operations

When the Inningen volunteer fire brigade responds for its next rescue mission, it will set out from a firm, state-of-the-art base. Because its new engine house was dedicated in June of 2012. At a good 1,000 square metres, it has an engine room for four fire engines, workshops and storehouses, as well as a two-storey recreation facility. To prevent the firefighters from going into a skid in case of ...
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Warsaw, Poland | 2012

The ball rolls in the "crown" regardless of the weather

Warsaw's brand-new National Stadium is among the most modern objects of its kind in Europe. It makes 58,000 seats available for football games and just under 73,000 seats for concerts. A technical highlight is the heatable playing surface atop an unheated underground car park. A heavy-duty insulation layer had to be put in for this purpose in-between its ceiling cover and the heating elements so t ...
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Pescara, Italy | 2012

High performance for the Mediterranean Games

Pescara is a small town at the Italian Adriatic sea. It is very popular among Italians especially in the summertime due to its long, white sandy beaches. In 2009 it became the venue of the 16th Mediterranean Games. For this event it was necessary, however, to elaborately refurbish parts of the big and legendary swimming facility "Le Naiadi". Products of PCI were thus part of the preparat ...
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Schmallenberg, Germany | 2012

Natural scenery in wellness facility of luxury hotel Deimann

The 5 star hotel Deimann offers its guests a luxurious break from everyday life. True to its motto "For everything to stay the same, everything must change", the in-house spa was expanded in 2010 to a superlative wellness area. Those treating themselves to a hamam visit will find a place of inspiration, purification, and friendly chats. "The stylish ambience that allows the visitor ...
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Rhein-Main-Area, Germany | 2012

PCI makes swimming pool dreams come true

The owner of a luxury mansion in the Rhine-Main area ordered the refurbishment of his private swimming pool exclusively with cementitious tiling materials. The company Hoffelner, renowned for their exclusive swimming pool refurbishment projects, developed the refurbishment schedule in close cooperation with PCI specialist Kurt Borchart and PCI application engineer Ingo Grollmisch, and, finally, ca ...
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Plech, Germany | 2012

Büttner Massivhaus GmbH: Use of PCI products in new company buildings

For more than 23 years now, Wohnhausbau Büttner Massivhaus GmbH has been in the business of building solid construction turnkey houses at fixed price. With the company building inaugurated in January 2012, the general contractor consistently implemented the corporate philosophy which calls for architecturally appealing and  state-of-the-art house construction. In particular, the laying of la ...
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Berlin, Germany | 2012

New façade system embellishes balconies in Berlin

In the middle of Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood, the Berlin based Central Bauten- und Projektentwicklungs GmbH erected a new building with eleven flats in 2011. The company abd Architekten from Berlin, who were commissioned with planning and site management, chose the new CeraVent façade system for the balcony design. This joint project of the companies Gutjahr, PCI Augsburg und Agrob Buc ...
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Hermsdorf, Germany | 2012

TRIDELTA Weichferrite GmbH refurbishes factory building

TRIDELTA Weichferrite GmbH can look back on a long tradition at their manufacturing site in the German state of Thuringia. Formerly established as "Porzellanfabrik Hermsdorf" (Hermsdorf Porcelain Factory) in 1890, it has evolved to become one of the key suppliers of soft ferrite products. In 2011, a factory building required refurbishment. For that project, and under high time pressure, ...
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Walldorf, Germany | 2012

My home in Walldorf

The Epple company group has built 44 concrete terraced houses in the new development area "Walldorf-Süd". (Figure 1) In order to keep costs and construction time as low as possible, the whole wall and floor structure were built with prefabricated concrete parts. The tiling areas for wall and floor tiles consisted of evenly formed concrete not older than three months except for two drywa ...
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Düsseldorf, Germany | 2012

Interior design specialist for exclusive furniture relies on high quality for renovation project, down to the smallest detail

The fact that sophisticated architecture and high quality workmanship go hand in hand is made evident by the newly designed js einrichten GmbH shop at stilwerk in Düsseldorf: Customers, but particularly those interested in design and architecture, experience first-hand the perfect harmony of an entire interior. In cooperation with Franz Morick GmbH, Düsseldorf and the construction chemicals spec ...
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Düsseldorf, Germany | 2012

Bathroom renovation with classic marble

Materials from nature engender a blissful atmosphere and with their natural colours and patterns they present a sophisticated highlight in the distinctive home. This is why the owners of a Düsseldorf residence decided to use marble for the installation of their bathroom and the adjacent guest WC. Here both the wall and the floor were to be faced and new bathroom equipment made with the natural ma ...
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Zwochau, Germany | 2012

Simplicity requested

In 2011, the priest community of the East Germany Focolare Movement, Fokolarbewegung Ostdeutschland e.V., bought the former parish church St. Pius X, located next to their meeting centre in Zwochau and redesigned it in terms of their spirituality. This house of prayer, since then entrusted to the protectorate of the Holy Trinity, should be kept as simple as possible. Under the direction of the Elm ...
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Gedern, Germany | 2012

Competitive once again: Indoor swimming pool Gedern in Germany with new design

The German volcano city Gedern, idyllically situated at the southwest hillside of the "Vogelberg", offers residents and visitors a wide range of leisure time facilities. This includes the city indoor swimming pool as well. Built in the seventies as a functional training pool, it has lost more and more its attractiveness and acceptance over the years. Consequently, visitor numbers decline ...
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Düsseldorf, Germany | 2012

Idyllic Düsseldorf residence adorned with rare natural stone

Natural stone, when used as a flooring or wall material, conveys an atmosphere of exclusivity and sensual naturalness. That is why the owners of a Düsseldorf property chose grey-veined Carrara marble when refurbishing their bathroom. The bathroom is now adorned with this and the black Nero Marquina marble, which has white veins running through it. First, careful and proper preparations were neede ...
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Halle, Germany | 2012

Robert-Koch Swimming Centre

The newly built high-performance swimming centre at Robert-Koch-Straße in Halle, Germany, serves swimming stars like Paul Biedermann or Daniela Schreiber as a training facility now. It was built as a replacement for the first swimming centre, which had to be pulled down in 2009 due to its ruinous state. The new Olympic site was inaugurated in November 2011 and stands out due it ...
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Straubing, Germany | 2012

From 'bear's den' to top-class arena: Refurbishment of stadium opens up new prospects for the future

 Both the town council and a private investment firm joined forces in a collective effort to bring Straubing Ice Stadium up to the standard of a world-class sporting venue. The entire east side of the arena was rebuilt and extended. The renovation was completed in record time - just a few months between two playing seasons. Since long-term quality assurance had to be delivered at a fast worki ...
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Düsseldorf, Germany | 2012

Transforming a block of natural stone into the perfect design to create an individual oasis of well-being

As part of the core refurbishment of a Düsseldorf villa built in 1927, one of the areas the owners decided to redesign was the bathroom. They chose natural stone for the wet areas, walls and floor, thereby creating a personal oasis of well-being using exclusive stone intricately finished to striking effect. In collaboration with the architect the owner turned his dream of a marble bathtub into re ...
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Dublin, Ireland | 2012

Architecture presents magnificent spectacle, Grand Canal Theatre

A theatre and opera of worldwide recognition has been built in the Dublin Docklands under the aegis of the world renowned New York architect Daniel Libeskind in close cooperation with the London based architect office RWHL. With its 13,000 sq. m and construction costs of 75 million euros, the Grand Central Theatre is embedded in a €196 million total complex consisting of glazed office and reside ...
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Medebach, Germany | 2012

New town hall in Medebach allows for change

The town hall in Medebach is a showpiece for cost efficiency, budget-compliance and rapid construction progress: The building in the heart of the town was completed in only 18 months; it symbolises the municipal administration's image as modern, accessible service provider. On roughly 1,100 square metres, 30 x 60 cm porcelain stoneware tiles were installed on isolating membranes ...
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Bocholt, Germany | 2012

Maximum hygiene thanks to latest construction chemicals

Sweat, injuries, people in confined spaces: Sports facilities must comply with a high level of hygiene standards, so as not to become a source of infection – particularly in showers and changing rooms. Fliesen Fasselt, the company who renovated these rooms in the sports hall of a Bocholt school, used the new ceramic joint PCI Geofug for the first time. Two of the company's jou ...
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Greiz, Germany | 2012

Solid floor to handle influx of visitors to cultural events

Up to now, the East Thuringian town of Greiz had "only" a theatre - however, this was to change with the development of a city hall. Within 2.5 years a landmark for the Vogtland was created, featuring a floor area of approx. 3,000 m². During planning, sufficient space was allowed to accommodate a large number of visitors. Especially the foyer, which represents the ent ...
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Rees, Germany | 2012

Masterful tiling enhances private spa

In 2011, a spacious home featuring an unobstructed view of the lush-green Rhine dike was built with an elaborate wellness facility in Rees on the Lower Rhine. Depending on the daily mood, swimming pool, whirlpool and floor-level shower encourage athletic activity, invigorating relaxation or quick refreshment in between. A total of 500 square metres of different porcelain stonewa ...
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Mönchengladbach, Germany | 2012

The self-adhesive system panels creates comfort zone to 80 square meters

To attain higher comfort levels in the living room and kitchen, Froitzheim Bauen & Planen GmbH installed the Roth ClimaComfort compact thin-layer heating system in a single-family home in Mönchengladbach, covering a total area of 80 square metres. This system is ideally suited for renovation projects, as it can be easily laid on existing screeds. What's more, its low instal ...
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Zeitz, Germany | 2011

Venerable church nave receives a strong substrate

The Franciscan monastery on the south edge of the old city region of Zeitz is one of the best maintained monasteries in Saxony-Anhalt. The city has been using the monastery church as a popular event location since 2011. After the first events, the screed over the irregular sandstone pavement was found to have some defects, extensive hollow layers and cracks. The floor of the monastery church was t ...
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Frankfurt on the Main, Germany | 2011

A ballroom receives its ball dress

The Squaire GmbH & Co. KG is Germany’s largest office building (length 660 metres, width 65 metres, height 45 metres, 9 floors) and accommodates not only business areas but also two spacious atriums with restaurants, cafés, shops and two hotels run by the renowned Hilton Group: the Hilton Frankfurt Airport and the Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport. The first features a special attraction, ...
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Frankfurt | 2011

German Architekturmuseum Frankfurt

The Deutsche Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt is more than "just" a museum. The founding fathers were already aware back then: Not only the content has to be right here, but the wrapper too. Thus, from an historic villa they created an imposing edifice that has been hosting fascinating treasures of architecture ever since. In 2010, about 25 years after its completion, an ...
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Coolangatta, Australia | 2011

Gold Coast Airport

Gold Coast Airport in Queensland on the Australian East Coast is booming. The airport was enhanced sequentially throughout 2010 by an international terminal including restaurants, shopping malls, a duty-free section and a check-in. The floor area of the building doubled to about 29,000 square metres in the course of this.  Several thousand square metres of the new te ...
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Toulouse, France | 2011

Pullmann Toulouse Centre

Mitten im Herzen von Toulouse an der Allée Jean Jaurès liegt das modern gestaltete 4-Sterne-Hotel Pullmann Toulouse Centre. Das auf   The 4-star hotel in modern design, Pullmann Toulouse Centre, is situated right in the heart of Toulouse, at the Allée Jean Jaurès. The hotel focusses on business travellers and offers more than 119 rooms plus su ...
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Munich, Germany | 2011

Munich climbing park

Whether climbing or bouldering, the climbing option featuring a course at jumping height: The old DAV Kletter- und Boulderzentrum München [German Alpine Association Climbing and Bouldering Center Munich] gym was bursting at the seams. Following the completed expansion, the sports facility with its approx. 7,800 square metres of climbing and bouldering surface is now by far the ...
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Freiburg, Germany | 2011

Refurbishment of indoor swimming pool at the sports park of the “Freiburger Turnerschaft von 1844 e.V.” sports club

In August 2010, Freiburger Turnerschaft 1844 e.V. started the all-embracing refurbishment of their ageing sports bath. The costs were put at approx. four million euros. In a first step the bath was cleared of stored equipment, the whole installation and the changing area were dismounted and the tiles removed. About three months later, the tiling company Fliesenbau Franz Brand st ...
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Fulda, Germany | 2011

Redesign of the Fulda university square in Germany

The university square of Fulda is located in the heart of the Hessian cathedral city. The complex rebuilding of the square included the renovation of the adjacent Adolf-von-Dalberg school, the construction of an underground parking together with a commercial building and a café, as well as the redesign of the square surface. PCI Augsburg GmbH products were used for the laying and grouting of the ...
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Smäland, Sweden | 2011

Design at the top – PCI underneath

Sweden has a long-standing gaffer tradition but it is mostly known to insiders. So the world-wide renowned glassworks Kosta Boda, located in the Swedish province of Småland, has been manufacturing its fine glassware since 1742.
A few months ago, the idea was born to manufacture designer tiles mad ...
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Bochum, Germany | 2011

Commercial kitchen at Bergmannsheil University Hospital

Bergmannsheil University Hospital in Bochum is one of the most modern and capable emergency hospitals of that region. Annually, more than 19,000 inpatients are treated in this medical centre with its 22 specialised hospitals and departments, and in addition, some 60,000 ambulant treatments are provided. The food for patients and the approx. 2,000 employees is served by the hospi ...
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Papenburg | 2011

Cruise liner "Celebrity Solstice"

Exclusive elegance on every floor: Celebrity Solstice

Sun, seawater and wind – the natural environment makes considerably more demand of material at sea than on land. In addition, steel faces stress caused by severe temperature differences, the vibrations of 60,000 kW engines and the twisting of the ship‘s hull. Some PCI products developed specially to meet these requirements were re ...
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Celle, Germany | 2011

Closing the joint of a gutter laid in concrete

Sealed areas, be they streets or places, are mostly drained by an inclined surface. In general a longitudinal drainage by gutters is installed along or between the traffic areas. These gutters built of gutter slabs, shaped stones or paving stones uptake the running water and transfer it to road gulleys or the drainage channel. PCI Augsburg GmbH has accompanied and professionally supervised such a ...
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Mainz, Germany | 2011

Hilton Mainz Hotel

Built in 1968, expanded in 1984 and completely renovated in 2011, the Hilton Mainz hotel shines in a new splendour now. The hotel is centrally situated on the edge of the picturesque Old Town and directly on the banks of the river Rhine. With its 431 guest rooms and suites, tw ...
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Frankfurt, Germany | 2011

Art for the millions. 100 sculptures from the Mao era.

In conjunction with the Frankfurt Book Fair 2009, where China was the guest of honour, the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt showed the exposition “ART FOR THE MILLIONS. 100 SCULPTURES FROM THE MAO ERA.” More precisely, it was about the spectacular Chinese sculptural group “Rent Collection Courtyard”. This ensemble of more than one hundred life-size figures is among the most i ...
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Bergisch Gladbach, Germany | 2011

Laying of tiles in the REWE supermarket of Bergisch Gladbach

Early in the year 2011, the REWE supermarket at the Odenthaler Strasse of Bergisch Gladbach was refurbished. The first construction section comprised the pre-treatment and tile laying on 800 sq. m of floor space in the basement. The sub-floor was a concrete flooring. After completion of those works in January 2011 followed the remodelling of the sales floor. During the months of February and March ...
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Düsseldorf, Germany | 2011

A superlative hotel – Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf

In December 2010, Hotel Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf opened its doors in the heart of the trendy business district Düsseldorfer MedienHafen. The design-oriented luxury hotel is situated in a privileged position at the tip of a land tongue, overlooking harbour and city from one of the two parallel 53 metres high tower buildings. The 19-storey hotel with its 303 rooms and suites, of ...
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Malmö, Sweden | 2011

Luxury Resort in the south of Sweden

Set within a spacious park on the outskirts of the city of Malmö in the south of Sweden, the luxury residential complex Victoria Park is taking shape. The complex targeted to financially strong senior citizens comprises 395 flats and apartments plus service buildings and community amenities. PCI special products for the tiling sector contribute to the premium eq ...
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Neubeuern, Germany | 2010

Private spa with outdoor swimming pool

PCI Augsburg GmbH Application Technology gave expert advice on the construction of a private spa in Neubeuern, Germany. The result of this support is a stylish inside sauna world with recreation area adjoining a generously proportioned swimming pool and Jacuzzi tub outside. The work was realized with PCI special products by Fa. Christian Wiesböck.
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Garching, Germany | 2010

Lego brick wall at the Garching childcare house

250,000 Lego bricks embellish the 26 m long parapet in the entrance area of the Ingeborg-Ortner-Kinderhaus at the Garching research and university centre of TU München (Munich University of Technology). The artist professor Tina Haase created this “materialised” childhood dream designed to evoke sort of flash-back to your own childhood when entering the kind ...
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Krefeld, Germany | 2010

Renovation of a cellar in an old building

The single-family home of the Pohl family in Krefeld has been standing for almost 100 years. The basic structure of the house is good, however, they knew when purchasing the home 13 years ago, that the cellar had problems due to moisture seeping in. The entire extent of these moisture problems did not become evident until the new owners removed wood panelling fro ...
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Lüdinghausen, Germany | 2010

Sparkasse Lüdinghausen Markt

The floor surface of the widely used customer foyer of the Lüdinghausen Market savings bank branch is exposed to aggressive dirt and road salt brought in on customers' shoes. The existing natural stone floor had extensive damage on the surface and – in order to cause as little interruption as possible – was to be replaced on a weekend with fine stone floor t ...
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Duisburg-Baerl, Germany | 2010

Turning Old into New: The Hinz’s Family Terrace Project

The house of Family Hinz is idyllically situated in leafy surroundings in Baerl, a district of Duisburg. The partly covered terrace was to be refurbished and re-paved with new flagstones.  PCI, represented by Mr. Stefan Marx (Application Technology) and Mr. Leo Krüppel (Local Salesman), offered Mr. Hinz, the house owner, a helping hand in realiz ...
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Schermbeck, Germany | 2010

New living space on former farm

The ground floor rooms of a former farm house, built in 1960, were to be renovated so that they could be used as living space. So the private owner of the old building contracted the architect’s office Buß und Kaling in Borken, Germany, to do the planning work. They asked Application Technology of PCI Augsburg GmbH for their support, who first made a damage as ...
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Dublin, Ireland | 2010

PCI products used in the new Aviva Stadium in Dublin

In the new Aviva Stadium in Dublin, the follower of the oldest rugby ground in the world, PCI products were used for all the tiling and the major part of the flooring.
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Donaueschingen | 2010

Museum Biedermann

The completely renovated Museum Biedermann in Donaueschingen, Germany, with its redesigned forecourt has regained a harmonic aura. Now the visitors' art experience begins even before they enter the museum. Special products by PCI Augsburg GmbH were used in the paving work in front of the building. Today's Museum Biedermann has a long and widely varied history. It was inaugurated in 1841 and serve ...
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Korschenbroich, Germany | 2010

Concrete flagstones on a terrace – laid and grouted

The Radke’s single-family home has been erected in summer 2010. It is situated on the outskirts of Korschenbroich, a town in the North-West of Germany, just 10 kilometres from Mönchengladbach. For the construction of his 160 sq m terrace, Mr. Radke opted for concrete flagstones that were grouted with the spec ...
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Mönchengladbach, Germany | 2010

Volksbad Mönchengladbach

A charming lido is located in the heart of the Mönchengladbach Volksgarten park. Since its restoration in recent years, when it was redesigned in part and brought up to state of the art technical standards, it has been renamed “Volksbad”, a name originally adopted in 1926. The lido owes its special charm to a listed art nouveau building reflecting in the wat ...
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Hagen, Germany | 2010

Westfalenbad Hagen

“The Westfalenbad presented a challenge to us tile layers requiring maximum performance in terms of creativity, flexibility and quality”, that is how the contractors ANNABAU AG from Annaberg-Buchholz in Saxony sum up their works on the new construction of the Westfalenbad in Hagen. It took only 23 months to create on grounds of approx. 70,000 sqm a bathing la ...
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Heidenheim, Germany | 2009

Congress Center Heidenheim

Natural stone in “jura grey” in foyer and gallery: Many floors in the Congress Center Heidenheim, a.o. the foyer at the ground level, the wide staircase leading to the gallery and the gallery itself, are covered with natural stone in “jura grey”. The areas in the entire building sum up to about 1600 sqm plus 350 running meters of tread a ...
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Trier, Germany | 2009

From public swimming pool to spa

Trier citizens who love swimming could notice this remarkable development of comprehensive renovation works in the former public swimming pool over a period of 3 months in the past year. The re-opening as “Bad an den Kaiserthermen” in late summer 2009 was followed by the starting signal for the brand-new sauna world in Novembe ...
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Berlin, Germany | 2009

Dedicated to art

According to its own proclamation the Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin presents “outstanding positions of international contemporary art in Berlin” to a wide audience. Besides the exhibitions being presented for several weeks there are the productive and communicative contents of the Kunsthalle: new formats are developed and presented. A constantly changing, exhibition related social program, even ...
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Bad Wörishofen, Germany | 2009

South Seas’ Paradise in Bavaria

Step-by-step construction

STEIN: Mr. Eberle, the expanded sauna paradise is designed very elaborately with natural stone. Which natural stone was laid in which areas?

Ludwig Eberle: We installed about 200 sqm of chloride slate in large-size slabs of 100 x 50 x 2 cm as well as approx. 600 sqm of Padang yellow, mottled and brush-finished, format 60 x 40 x 1.2 cm.< ...
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Saarwellingen, Germany | 2009

Spa resort by Fliesen Stolz

Spa resorts as facilities beneficial to your health have been very popular for quite a while and are an inherent part for most people’s recreational acitivities. This was also the idea of the operator of a fitness center and he opened a newly designed fitness center in Saarwellingen/Saarland. The existing, a bit out-dated sauna facilities were completely demolished and subsequently exp ...
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Hamburg, Germany | 2008

Laying glass mosaic and natural stone at Steigenberger Hotel Treudelberg Hamburg

For the project Steigenberger Hotel Treudelberg the persons involved have selected PCI products which are especially suitable for the “fast” jobsite but are still long-lasting. Approx. 3800 sqm of fully-vitrified tiles as an imitation of limestone and slate were laid with the multi-use adhesive PCI Nanolight in the shower, bathroom and WC areas of the rooms and suites, in the therapy rooms and ...
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Cottbus, Germany | 2008

Elegant Shopping Palace Nanotechnology of PCI at the „BLECHEN carré“ Cottbus

Secure and economical It was decided to apply the system products of PCI Augsburg GmbH at the „BLECHEN carré“. The decision was made due to the constant quality, the fast walkability of the surfaces even under bad job site conditions and the availability of the selected material according to the customer’s need because of a well functioning logistics. And after all there were positive ex ...
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Dortmund, Germany | 2008

Renovation of the Iduna Park in Dortmund

Visible from far away six yellow pylons point to the location of the Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund (named Westfalenstadion until 2005). It is the largest soccer stadium in Germany with over 80,000 seats and home of the well-known soccer club Ballspielverein Borussia 09 e.V. Dortmund. In the course of three stages of extension in around 15 years and in preparation of the soccer championship 2006 th ...
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Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany | 2008

Cistercian Monastery Fuerstenfeld

The area of the previous Cistercian Monastery Fuerstenfeld, idyllically situated amidst the Amper meadows, is filled with life. Besides the police department of the Bavarian Advanced College for Public Officers also the Event Forum Fuerstenfeld attracting visitors with its versatile program is situated in the well renovated buildings of the impressive ensemble. It is considered to be the most impo ...
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Mönchengladbach, Germany | 2008

New construction of the public swimming baths Schlossbad Niederrhein in Wickrath

Four public baths are made available to the Moenchengladbach citizens and their guests. And because the baths should attract many people with different interests the local public utility company NNV AG developed a concept by assigning each of them a clear profile: family and sports baths - Vitusbad, sports baths and spa resort – Pahlkebad, family baths and water park – Schlossbad Wickrath, o ...
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Rietberg, Germany | 2008

Glass mosaic on exact angles and soft curves

Rietberg, located south of Gütersloh, has one more attraction now since the opening of the 4 star hotel Lind last autumn. The historic old town of Rietberg documented for the first time in 851 and having received its town charter in 1289 was formed by its historical past as county residence and state capital. The town of Rietberg attracts visitors because of its high number of existing timber fra ...
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Wroclaw, Poland | 2008

Aquapark Wroclaw

In about 2 years, from July 2005 to August 2007, the sports and recreation center „Aquapark“ was built in the city of Wroclaw in the West of Poland. Wroclaw with over 600,000 inhabitants is the capital of voivodeship Lower Silesia.

An article in the newspaper Berliner Zeitung in August 2007 about the „Aquapark Wroclaw“ started with the words: Looking at it objectively it is o ...
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Fuerth, Germany | 2007

A mosaic representing mobility

On the occasion of the 1,000 year anniversary the city of Fuerth made itself a gift - a large and colourful wall mosaic created by the artist Iris Rauh who domiciles in the city. The unique artwork with the title “Local traffic in the changing times – from the eagle to the underground railway” decorates a wall of the underground railway station Jakobinenstrasse.

The mural – appr ...
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Glücksburg, Germany | 2007

Water, wellness, warm weather – and all of that in the cool North

The city of Gluecksburg is located at the very north point of Germany, separated from Denmark only by the Flensburg fjord. The small, elegant city at the Baltic Sea presents itself as an ideal place to relax and appeals to nature lovers, sportsmen and water bugs as well as people loving culture. Needless to say that Gluecksburg benefits from its privileged location, the picturesque Flensburg inner ...
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Berlin, Germany | 2007

Impervious for another 100 years

The railroad station of Stettin/Germany was heavily damaged during the 2nd World War. For many years the retaining wall marked the border between the two boroughs of Berlin – Mitte and Wedding. The construction of the Berlin Wall on August 13, 1961 gave the structure a completely new meaning. All of a sudden the entire railway territory of the former railroad station was located in the borderla ...
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Meißen, Germany | 2006

Where old pavement feels good

Meißen, the “cradle of Saxony”, attracts thousands of tourists year after year visiting the numerous places of interest of the city. It requires solid and safe paths to be able to reach these attractions of Meißen.

Traffic in the old town of Meißen rolls over historical granite slabs and pavement surfaces without any exception. The footpaths are mainly build of granite slabs in ...
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Cologne, Germany | 2006

Cologne fair south entrance

Since August 2007 the Cologne fair presents itself in a new look. It took 28 months to completely modernize the premises and rebuild parts of it to set new benchmarks not only because of its location and transport connection, but also in regards of efficiency, flexibility and sojourn quality. The persons in charge are convinced: By concluding the so-called masterplan the competetiveness of the fou ...
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