System Floor Repair

System for repair of floor surfaces subject to heavy-duty mechanical loads
System Floor Repair
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system advantages
  • Very efficient production of floor areas subject to high loads
  • Irregularities in the substrate are levelled

brief description: The multi-use Floor Repair System comprises all products required for the repair and levelling of floor areas subject to heavy-duty mechanical loads. Repairs can be carried out in one layer from 3 to 80 mm height indoors and out. The special properties of this special mortar are: self levelling and for direct use as wearing surface. Field of application: warehouses, production facilities not subject to chemical loads, etc.

you need:
PCI Gisogrund® 404
Floor leveler
PCI Zemtec® 1K
PCI Zemtec® 180
Top sealing
PCI Zemtec® Top