Water resistant, flexible protective coating

PCI Lastogum®

under ceramic tiles in showers and bathrooms

With official test certificates.
PCI Lastogum®
features and benefits:
  • Water impermeable, protects moisture-sensitive substrates.
  • Flexible, compensates tensions, substrate deformations, temperature variations and vibrations.
  • Crack bridging, high reliability even if cracks in the substrate form at a later stage.
  • Ready to use, easy to apply by roller, brush or trowel.
  • Two colours, for easier visual control of the layer thickness.
  • Resistant to lime water, ensures adhesion between protective coating and mortar if the adhesive bed is constantly exposed to moisture.
  • Solvent free, no harmful risk to the environment, can be used without any harmful health risks.
  • Meets the test principles to issue an official test certificate for bonded waterproofing in combination with the adhesives PCI Carraflex, PCI Carraflott NT, PCI Carrament, PCI Flexmörtel S1, PCI Flexmörtel S1 Rapid, PCI FT Rapid, PCI FT Extra, PCI FT Flex, PCI Nanolight, PCI Nanoflott light, PCI Nanolight White.
    All test certificates are available under www.pci-augsburg.de.
fields of application:
  • Liquid waterproofing membrane to be applied by roller, brush or trowel.
  • For indoor use.
  • For walls and floors.
  • For use class A0 in accordance with ZDB leaflet "Verbundabdichtungen" (bonded waterproofing) not covered in the official test certificate.
  • For use class A Wall in accordance with the test principles to issue an official test certificate.
  • For water exposure class W0-I, W1-I, W2-I (wall) in accordance with DIN 18534.
  • For use up to use class W4 to Austrian standard B 3407.
  • For wet areas subject to non-pressing water such as bathrooms, showers in residential buildings, hotels, old people's homes and hospitals.
  • On moisture-sensitive, absorbent substrates, e.g. plaster, gypsum block, gypsum fibre board, plasterboard, particle board, anhydrite screed in moist and wet areas subject to common domestic use.
  • On mineral absorbent substrates, e.g. concrete, screed, render, aerated concrete, cementitious wall levellers such as PCI Pericret and/or PCI Nanocret FC and self-levellers, e.g. PCI Periplan Fein and PCI Periplan.
colour: grey, white
packaging: 25-kg-pail/ 15-kg-pail/ 8-kg-pail/ 4-kg-pail
name Declaration of Conformity rules and standards Marine Equipement Directive 96/98/EC Item A1/3.18 combined with product PCI Carrament®, PCI Carraflex®, PCI Carrafug®, PCI Lastogum®, PCI Nanolight®, PCI Durafug® NT, PCI Durapox® NT, PCI Durapox® NT plus, PCI Nanofug®, PCI Seccoral® 1K, PCI Epoxigrund 390, PCI Ocean® Flex PUR, PCI STL 39, PCI UKL 302, PCI Gisogrund® 404, PCI UFX 382, PCI VG 2, PCI Epoxigrund Rapid, PCI USP 32 S, PCI Nanofug® Premium, PCI Flexmörtel® S2
name Licensing rules and standards GEV EMICODE (EC1 PLUS ) combined with product PCI Lastogum®
name European Technical Approval rules and standards ETAG 022-1 combined with product PCI Lastogum®
name MED EC Type Examination Certificate rules and standards Marine Equipment Directive 2013/52/EU Item Nr. A1/3.18c combined with product PCI Lastogum®, PCI Nanolight®, PCI Nanofug®
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