Dispersion-based tile adhesive

PCI Bicollit® Classic

for tiles, flagstones and mosaic

PCI Bicollit® Classic
features and benefits:
  • Ready to use, can be taken right from the pail.
  • Workable, simple and easy to apply.
  • Good non-sag properties, no spacers required; immediate adhesion of tiles which can still be adjusted for a certain time.
  • Flexible, compensates tensions, e.g. on lightweight walls, particle boards or precast concrete elements.
  • Almost odourless, suitable for the use in residential areas.
  • Meets the requirements of D1TE to DIN EN 12 004.
fields of application:
  • For indoor use.
  • For walls.
  • For laying ceramic tiles, flagstones and mosaic.
  • On level, absorbent substrates such as gypsum boards, gypsum fibre boards and plasterboards, particle boards, concrete, precast concrete elements, aerated concrete, expanded concrete, gauged render, render and plaster.
  • On open-cell or roughened rigid polystyrene panels and polyurethane foam boards (e.g. EPS, XPS).
  • For gluing thermal insulation and sound deadening material, decorative tiles and insulating wallpapers made from polystyrol and polyurethane HR foam (open cells), insulating material from glass fibres, mineral fibres and rockwool as well as dimpled-textured felted woollen board for the use in residential and industrial areas.
colour: hellgrau, beige
packaging: 16-kg-pail/ 5-kg-pail
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