PUR joint grout

PCI Pavifix® PU

for natural stone pavers and concrete pavers

PCI Pavifix® PU
features and benefits:
  • Two components.
  • Highly wear resistant, permanent resistance to weathering and mechanical use, e.g. by road sweepers.
  • Crack-free curing and setting without shrinking.
  • Water permeable, accumulated water (e.g. rain) quickly trickles into the ground. The surfaces are not completely sealed.
  • Resistant to frost and weathering, multi-purpose use outdoors, even on areas exposed to de-icing salt.
  • Colour intensifying, the characteristics of the pavers are underlined.
  • Bag with sand mixture and integrated unit incl. binding agent for surfaces from medium to large size.
    Variable mixing ratio:
    - for surfaces exposed to vehicular traffic: 1 bag of sand mixture + 1 unit of binding agent
    - for surfaces exposed to pedestrian traffic: 2 bags of sand mixture + 1 unit of binding agent
fields of application:
  • For floors.
  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • For joint width from 5 to 50 mm.
  • For water-permeable grouting of mosaic pavers, small pavers and large pavers from natural stone and concrete.
  • For traffic areas subject to medium use such as traffic reduced areas exposed to vehicles (cars or trucks), loading areas, market places, pedestrian precincts, parking lots, garden paths and garage entrances.
colour: beige, sand mixture beige, binding agent transparent, grey, anthracite
packaging: 20,90-kg-set/ 20-kg-bag/ 0,90-kg-can
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