Low emission screeds, parquetry adhesives, etc – environmentally compatible floor laying products from PCI

<p>Proper floor laying calls for appropriate specialist expertise and the right construction materials. Especially if environmentally compatible floor laying is a top priority, selecting the right construction products is extremely important. The PCI range includes low-emission, environmentally compatible floor laying materials which allow you to offer your employees and customers reliably high levels of safety and hygiene.</p>
<p>In the final resort, low-emission, environmentally compatible construction materials are extremely important both for construction workers and for consumers. Harmful fumes which pose a health risk for everyone involved may be released during processing. We therefore recommend you to select our low-emission floor laying materials such as screeds, leveling compounds or parquetry adhesives which sustainably protect both the environment and people in the vicinity.</p>

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Low-emission parquetry adhesives – environmentally compatible and economical

<p>The topic of environmental compatibility and safety is increasingly becoming a top priority in the construction industry. Construction materials that are simply satisfactory are no longer in line with modern quality standards and are categorically rejected by many building owners. In the building trade, only the best is good enough. PCI is well aware of its environmental responsibility and has developed high-quality environmentally compatible formulations and systems focusing on the protection of people and the environment.</p>
<p>Our low-emission floor-laying products such as leveling compounds and linoleum or parquetry adhesives are in accordance with the latest environmental standards and have been classed as very low-emission products, with GEV-EMICODE EC1, EC1R, EC1 PLUS and EC1 PLUS R classifications. Especially the classification EMICODE EC 1&nbsp;Plus meets the highest possible requirements and is only awarded on the basis of stringent health criteria.</p>

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Selecting eco-friendly contact, flooring and parquetry adhesives

<p>Do you want to protect your employees and offer your customers genuine added value in the form of environmentally compatible, healthy construction materials? Then browse through our product catalog and obtain advice on the environmental properties of our products from your local adviser.</p>
<p>Our detailed product data sheets and descriptions also provide information on the properties, applications and test certificates of our individual products. In our <a href="/en/downloads/">download section,</a>&nbsp;you can download our informative brochures. Together with your <a href="/en/contact/">PCI adviser</a>, who can be located using the convenient adviser search function, you can select the smart alternatives for flooring and parquetry adhesives in terms of environmental protection.</p>

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