PCI Apogel® E

Injection resin for sealing and injecting cracks
PCI Apogel® E
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PCI Apogel E, PU

  • Low viscosity, penetrate even into the finest cracks and voids.
  • Solvent free.

In addition:
PCI Apogel E

  • Elastic polyurethane injection material.
  • Matrix with closed cells, therefore sealing and flexible properties.

PCI Apogel PU

  • Brown colour.
  • Resistant to hydrolysis, resistant to continuous action of water.
  • Foam forms approx. 40 to 60 seconds after contact with water; enables rapid stopping of water ingress; temporary sealing effect.
  • The time for expansion depends on the hardener component added.
  • Formation of a stable foam structure which represses the water.
  • Durable sealing by subsequent injection with PCI Apogel E.

colour: transparent
packaging: 1-kg-can

PCI Apogel E

  • Suitable for the sealing injection of damp or dry cracks and voids in structural members made of mineral building materials.
  • For producing bonds with a limited extensibility.
  • For the durable sealing of cracks pre-injected with PCI Apogel PU.

PCI Apogel PU

  • Rapidly expanding injection resin; stops rush of water in water-bearing cracks. The subsequent injection with PCI Apogel E provides a durable seal.