PCI Flexmörtel® Premium

Flexible tile adhesive for ceramic tiles and natural stone
PCI Flexmörtel® Premium
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  • Convenient workability, processing time 90 minutes, walkable after 4 hours.
  • High security against efflorescence.
  • Non-sag properties, prevents heavy flagstones from sagging in the adhesive bed.
  • Consistency can be adjusted to produce a thin-bed mortar, flowable mortar od medium-bed mortar.
  • Adhesive bed thickness 1 - 20 mm.
  • Effective crystalline water binding.
  • Flexible, compensates variations in temperature and movements in the substrate.
  • Meets the requirements of
    - the guideline "flexible mortar" issued by Deutsche Bauchemie e.V. (German Building Chemicals Industry)
    - the classification C2 FE S1 in accordance with DIN EN 12004.
    All test certificates are available under www.pci-augsburg.eu.
  • Very low emissions, GEV-EMICODE EC 1 R.

colour: grey
packaging: 20-kg-bag
  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • For floors.
  • For covering a cement screed/cementitious heated screed ≤ 4% CM.
  • For laying tiles and natural stones.
  • Especially for the exterior.
  • For balconies, terraces, underfloor heating as well as industrial areas subject to mechanical stress such as halls, rooms and corridors in industrial buildings, markets, institutional buildings, administration buildings and commercial buildings.
  • For laying tiles on a cement screed, rough-ground anhydrite screed, heated screed, dry screed, mastic asphalt screed (only indoors) and on old floor tiles.
  • For levelling irregular substrates before tiling.
PCI Flexmörtel® Premium
Flexible tile adhesive
for ceramic tiles and natural stone
Technical Datasheet: 332
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name Licensing GEV EMICODE (EC1 PLUS R) rules and standards GEV EMICODE (EC1 PLUS R) combined with product PCI Flexmörtel® Premium
name Classification report EN 13501-1 (A2fl-s1) rules and standards EN 13501-1 (A2fl-s1) combined with product PCI Flexmörtel® Premium