PCI Muroplan®

Gypsum-based fairing coat for walls and overhead application
PCI Muroplan®
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features and benefits
fields of application
  • Shrinkage-free curing, even at a high layer thickness up to 50 mm.
  • No need for a reinforcement layer when smoothing plasterboards with bevelled, bent or half-round, flattened edges.
  • Creamy and workable, easy to apply.
  • Can be spread to very thin layers.
  • Grindable.

colour: white
packaging: 25-kg-bag/ 5-kg-bag
  • For indoor use.
  • For walls and overhead application.
  • For smoothing butt joints and holes in plasterboards and gypsum fibre boards.
  • For smoothing work in accordance with quality class Q1 - Q4*.
  • For smoothing joints in concrete filigree ceilings.
  • Fairing coat for brickwork, concrete, aerated concrete and light-weight building boards for producing even surfaces before wallpapering and painting.
  • For filling cracks, holes, joints and grooves.
  • For gluing plasterboards and gypsum fibre boards, also with styrofoam lamination.
  • For fixing gypsum blocks.
  • For electrical installations to be fixed and smoothed.
    *according to leaflet: "Verspachteln von Gipsplatten: Klassifizierung der Oberflächenqualitäten" (smoothing of plasterboards: classification of surface qualities) issued by Eurogypsum.
PCI Muroplan®
Gypsum-based fairing coat
for walls and overhead application
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