PCI Pecibord® Linea L1

Substructure element for barrier-free shower facilities with linear drainage and 1-sided slope
PCI Pecibord® Linea L1
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features and benefits
fields of application
  • Substructure element with integrated slope, for ground level and barrier free entry to shower facilities.
  • Available in three square standard formats* with central drain.
  • As PCI Pecibord P** available in almost all requested forms and sizes from 500 × 500 mm to 2500 × 2500 mm.
  • As PCI Pecibord Linea L1 available with one-sided slope - especially designed for installation in corners and channel drain. Formats available in 90 x 90 cm and 100 x 100 cm.
  • Upper side with water-impermeable coating, no need to waterproof the surface of the element.
  • Floor drain is adjustable and infinitely variable to various tile thicknesses.
  • Good thermal insulation, PCI Pecibord helps prevent heat loss through floor tiles compared to a usual cement screed.
  • Rapid work progress, no waiting time in comparison with the application of usual cement screeds.
    * on stock, available within 10 working days
    ** Third-party deliveries within 15 working days. Shorter delivery time possible upon request.

colour: grey
packaging: 1-piece
  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • For ground level and barrier free entry to shower facilities, also accessible to wheel chairs.
  • As substructure element already waterproofed for use in showers for moisture resistance class A and A0 in accordance with ZDB leaflet "Information on the application of liquid-applied bonded waterproofing under claddings and coverings such as tiles for indoor and outdoor application", latest edition and/or use class A (floor) in accordance with the building regulation list.
  • For refurbishment and new buildings.
  • 2 floor drains available for various situations.
  • For public, commercial and private use.