PCI Polysilent® Plus

Impact sound insulation board / isolation board underlay for ceramic and natural stones
PCI Polysilent® Plus
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  • Impact sound reduction value
    PCI Polysilent 4: 9 dB
    PCI Polysilent 7: 10 dB
    PCI Polysilent plus: 16 dB
    Note: An impact sound reduction value of only 10 dB feels to the human ear as if reducing the noise by half.
  • Low construction height, PCI Polysilent is available in heights of 4 mm and 7 mm, PCI Polysilent plus in a height of 10 mm.
  • The underlay reduces tensions, for ceramic and natural stone coverings.
  • No isolating layer, the impact sound also improves with PCI Polysilent boards glued to the substrate.
  • Easy to apply, efficient method to reduce the impact sound under ceramic and natural stone coverings.
  • Short installation time, can be quickly re-used in renovation of old buildings.
  • Very low emissions,
    (PCI Polysilent 4 and 7) and/or
    (PCI Polysilent plus).
  • Multi-purpose use, reliable solution for substrates after the formation of cracks abated or when laying top coverings with a joint pattern deviating from the screed.

colour: white top fleece
packaging: 1-board
  • For indoor use.
  • For floors and walls.
  • Reduces the impact sound.
  • For isolating suitable ceramic and natural stone coverings from the substrate.
  • For all substrates able to bear weight such as concrete or wooden floorboards; also suitable for stairs and corridors.
  • Bonded laying of ceramic and natural stone coverings.
  • It is possible to install the impact sound underlay under ceramic and natural stone coverings at a later stage even if the construction height is relatively low.
  • For hotels, multi-level shops, owner-occupied flats, department stores, hostels.
  • As leveling board to produce even surfaces with impact sound insulation when renovating old buildings.
  • Can be applied in the categories EK-W-S, EK-G-S in accordance with the ZDB Merkblatt "Entkoppelungssysteme" (ZDB leaflet "isolating systems").
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