PCI Silconal® W

Preservative impregnation against weathering for facades
PCI Silconal® W
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  • Ready to use, can be immediately applied.
  • Solvent free, reliable application, no unpleasant odour. No evaporation of active substance on warm and windy days.
  • Contamination on non-absorbent substrates (windows, joints, ceramic) can be easily removed with water. No need to cover these substrates.
  • Cures colourless and clear, maintains the natural appearance of the prepared structural elements.
  • High penetration characteristics, prevents penetration of moisture caused by precipitation.
  • Does not form a film, the prepared structural elements can still "breathe".
  • Tack-free curing, no contamination of prepared structural elements.
  • Alkali proof and resistant to UV radiation, impregnation does not turn yellow.
  • Reduces efflorescence, growth of mildew, moss and algae, frost damage, improves the living conditions of facades.
  • Can be painted over with dispersion and silica paint when dry.

colour: white, turns transparent in cured condition
packaging: 20-l-canister/ 5-l-canister
  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • For walls.
  • Impregnation of facades and structural members made of concrete, aerated concrete, asbestos cement, brickwork, render and lime plaster, natural and artificial stone, absorbent clinker and roof tiles.
  • Impregnation of chimney stacks.
  • Hydrophobic treatment of historical monuments made of sandstone and other natural stones, bricks etc.
PCI Silconal® W
Preservative impregnation against weathering
for facades
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