System for Waterproofing of Buildings PCI Barra®

System for the interior waterproofing of an exterior basement wall in accordance with WTA requirements
System for Waterproofing of Buildings PCI Barra®
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system advantages
  • Low-cost alternative for interior waterproofing if exterior waterproofing is not feasible
  • Effective formation of a horizontal barrier without special tools
  • Solvent-free, no odours in cellars

brief description: The PCI Barra® waterproofing system for buildings is a moisture barrier for cellar walls exposed to moisture and salt. With only a few working steps, the system allows rooms in the cellar to be put to new uses. The Barra products stop exposure to water while the Saniment products prevent efflorescence and allow the shaping of the surface.

you need:

Horizontal barrier
PCI Barra® Creme

Optionally cement suspension
PCI Barra® Inject

Waterproofing / concave moulding
PCI Polyfix® plus

Waterproofing slurry against moisture from the back
PCI Barraseal®
Stipple coat
PCI Saniment® HA
Refurbishing mortar
PCI Saniment® 2 in 1

Waterproofing of foundation wall (exterior)
PCI Barraseal® Turbo