System Marine Universal B

Versatile, very low-emission tiling system for tiles and natural stones on a screed substrate
System Marine Universal B
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system advantages


    • Very low emission products, tested in accordance with GEV-EMICODE EC1 Plus, create a healthy room climate.


    • Suitable for the use on ships; approved in accordance with MED (Marine Equipment Directive) and U.S. CG (U.S. Coast Guard).


    • PCI Nanofug Premium, the grout for ceramic and natural stone. With easy-to-clean effect for clean and hygienic joints.


brief description: The Marine Universal B System can be used for a variety of tiling works to lay tiles or natural stones on screed substrates in various fields. If a waterproofing layer is required PCI Epoxigrund 390 can be used in the kitchen area and/or PCI Seccoral 1K in wet areas. The choice of products to be subsequently laid and grouted depends on the selected top surface.

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