System Marine Universal C

Versatile tiling system for tiles and natural stones on a steel substrate
System Marine Universal C
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system advantages


    • Very low emission products, tested in accordance with GEV-EMICODE EC1 Plus, create a healthy room climate.


    • PCI Nanofug Premium, the grout for ceramic and natural stone. With easy-to-clean effect for clean and hygienic joints.


    • Suitable for the use on ships; approved in accordance with MED (Marine Equipment Directive) and U.S. CG (U.S. Coast Guard).


brief description: The Marine Universal C System can be used for a variety of tiling works to lay tiles or natural stones on a steel substrate. The application of PCI Gisogrund 404 primer produces an adequate bond between the steel substrate with corrosion protection and the levelling layer on top. Tiles or natural stones can be subsequently laid and top surface can be grouted.