System Waterproofing of Buildings PCI Barraseal® Turbo

System for waterproofing buildings in accordance with DIN 18533 W1 and W4 with flexible mineral waterproofing slurries
System Waterproofing of Buildings PCI Barraseal® Turbo
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system advantages
  • Only one product for waterproofing wall areas and foundation walls
  • Provides protection against pressing and non-pressing water
  • Can be covered with mineral products

brief description: The PCI Barraseal® Turbo waterproofing system for buildings is a professional system for waterproofing building elements in contact with the soil using a flexible mineral waterproofing slurry in accordance with DEN 18533, W1 and W4, and for providing protection against pressing water, with the general approval certificate of the construction authorities. Flexible mineral waterproofing slurries are easy to apply, set rapidly and can also be used for bonding insulating boards. In addition, this waterproofing membrane can be continued above ground level. The waterproofing slurry can be covered with coatings or render.

you need:

Waterproofing / concave moulding
PCI Polyfix® plus
optionally contact layer
PCI Gisogrund® 404

Surface waterproofing (W1)
PCI Barraseal® Turbo
Insulation board adhesive
PCI Barraseal® Turbo

Waterproofing of foundation wall
PCI Barraseal® Turbo