Waterproofing of buildings with glass fabric sheeting

<p>Glass fabric sheeting is a key product for the <a href="/en/products/waterproofing-of-buildings/">waterproofing of buildings</a>. Sheeting supports the application of waterproofing slurries and other liquid-applied waterproofing, meaning that several layers can be applied over each other. In addition, the sheeting is suitable for the renovation of building joints and for smoothing transitions to concave moldings.</p>
<p><a href="/en/products/pci-gewebebahn/?cHash=8bb2b385a026fa74f6c6b0fc9658ab0a">PCI Gewebebahn</a>&nbsp;glass fabric sheeting is a product made from conductive glass, a material originally used in the electrical industry. In the manufacturing process, molten glass is produced from pure quartz with various additives such as China clay, limestone and boric acid. Depending on the composition, conductive glass may contain silica and other metal oxides that have a positive impact on the properties of the fabric sheeting.</p>

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PCI Gewebebahn

Glass fabric sheeting for all types of surface and perimeter sealing applications

Protection against seepage water: PCI Gewebebahn and PCI Pecimor 2K

<p>For protection against standing seepage water or pressing water in accordance with DIN 18533 the use of PCI Gewebebahn glass fabric sheeting is essential. Appropriate thick bitumen coatings such as <a href="/en/products/pci-pecimor-2k/?cHash=ba2cbd6ba1f3c9804c477c1b88808b7f">PCI Pecimor 2K</a>&nbsp;can be combined with PCI Gewebebahn without any problems to provide the greatest possible security. With a tear resistance of 1800 N per 5 cm in the longitudinal direction and 1500 N per 5 cm in the transverse direction, PCI offers a very good alternative to similar fabric sheeting products. The handling process is always the same; the fabric sheet is cut to size, placed in the waterproofing product and a second layer of waterproofing product is then applied.</p>

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PCI: high-quality products, first-class service

<p>Do you have any questions concerning PCI Gewebebahn or other products from our range? If so, you can contact our specialist team via our live chat or your local <a href="/en/contact/">PCI specialist adviser</a>&nbsp;who will be pleased to provide you with information on the various functions and applications of our products and can make appropriate recommendations for your construction project.</p>
<p>On our website, you will find all you need to know about PCI Gewebebahn and its use in the waterproofing of buildings. Other useful items include our brochures with application examples, our consumption calculator and our adviser search function.</p>

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