We know that we demand a high level of motivation and value a way of working that is geared towards innovation. And we know that in return we have to create the right framework conditions. This includes short lines of communication across hierarchies, an open, partnership-based approach, but also the professional and personal development opportunities for our employees. We are also constantly striving to develop our management and team culture to ensure that individual and collective needs are met. As diverse as our product range is, we are also convinced that diversity and difference of people in our teams can make us even more successful. That is why we attach great importance to treating everyone equally - regardless of gender, origin or social status.

Team and collaboration

Thanks to good cooperation across team boundaries, we can achieve our corporate goals together. To this end, we promote the exchange of experience between colleagues. We expect our managers to create and promote a trusting and open atmosphere. A clear definition of tasks and competencies helps us to act efficiently and effectively.

Recognition & remuneration

We appreciate the dedication and commitment of our employees. Recognition and remuneration are therefore based on several pillars. On the one hand, we attach great importance to the fact that you regularly receive individual feedback from your manager and thus receive personal recognition. On the other hand, we reward you with competitive and performance-related compensation. In addition, we offer variable payments that are based on the success of the company. We support you with our company pension scheme and the option of an individual value account (accumulation of time credit) enabling you a more flexible transition to retirement.

Professional development

Lifelong learning is one of several prerequisites for maintaining performance from the start of a career to retirement. Development helps you as an employee to adapt to the changing challenges of your job. To ensure this, your personal development is discussed in regular performance appraisals and your individual qualification requirements are determined. This includes measures to further develop your personal and professional skills. In this way we want to ensure that our employees are deployed in the right place and promote lifelong learning. Integration into an international group of companies offers a wide range of opportunities with appropriate qualifications and mobility.

Health, work, leisure

You need the necessary working environment to be efficient. That is why we offer ergonomically equipped workplaces, modern IT equipment and all other tools you need for your job. We define clear tasks and give you the necessary freedom and access to the necessary information to fulfill your tasks.

Innovation & customer orientation

Your knowledge and your commitment are our capital for innovative and market-driven products as well as for efficient internal processes. That is why we are always open to your ideas and give you feedback on your suggestions. We focus on the needs of our customers. We treat both internal colleagues and external partners as customers. Established idea and innovation management systems help us to evaluate your suggestions and, if necessary, recognize them.