The correct and reliable sealing of joints is an important work step for all kinds of construction work. From building construction and civil engineering to construction work in chemical-polluted environments, a different PU sealant is used for each area of application. PCI offers high-quality products for this purpose which are suitable for both inside and outside and guarantee reliable adhesion to the joint flanks.

Decide on a 1- or 2-component polyurethane sealant from our range that can be applied quickly and hardens within a few hours. Our competent specialist advisers will be happy to answer any questions you may have - or you can ask your local PCI dealer.

For sealing expansion joints in buildings: high-quality polyurethane sealants for construction professionals

For sealing expansion joints in above-ground buildings, we recommend PCI Elritan® 100. This product is suitable for connecting joints between concrete and metal structures as well as facade cladding, render and wood. The wide working temperature range from +5° C to +35° C and the high maximum elongation of up to 25% of joint width ensure firm adhesion to almost all substrates in combination with the appropriate PCI Elastoprimer primer.

Thanks to its good non-sagging properties, this sealant can also be used for vertical joints and on soffits. However, if your expansion joints are exposed to chemicals, you should use PCI Elritan® 140. This weather-resistant, aging-resistant polyurethane sealant is non-corrosive and can be used on walls and floors. For example, this is the ideal sealant for connecting joints in industrial kitchens, factory buildings and warehouses.


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Polyurethane sealant for sewage treatment plants and sewers – fast and reliable

Polyurethane sealants are essential materials for underground construction and installation work. The two-component polyurethane sealant PCI Escutan® TF is elastic, waterproof and resistant to pressing water. It is therefore especially well-suited for areas which are permanently wet or exposed to water at pressures up to 2 bar, for example in sewage treatment plants, locks and waterways.

The weather and aging resistance of this product at temperatures between -30° C and +80° C means that it is suitable for a wide variety of applications and superior to conventional bitumen sealants thanks to a lack of thermoplastic properties. You can use this polyurethane sealant for joints on metal components and pipe connections in sewers as well as for elastic joints in screeds and concrete slabs.