As a manufacturer of construction chemicals, we know what is most important in everyday construction work – reliable, durable materials that are easy to use. Sealants such as silicone, acrylic and polyurethane are used in almost all areas of construction work and can meet the requirements of any individual application. Our high quality product such as PCI Adaptol®, PCI Carraferm® and PCI Elritan® 100 are used for sealing cracks and joints. They adhere to the edges of joints in a variety of materials, resist environmental effects and also withstand chemical attack and mechanical stress. 



Sealant backfiller for joints in civil engineering construction

Fundamental prerequisites for optimum sealing

Sealants of all types must meet two basic requirements in order to function properly: adhesion and cohesion. Adhesion means that they must establish a bond to the components which are to be sealed. This is only possible if the substrate has been prepared in the optimum way. Cohesion refers to the sealant itself, to its internal strength and resistance to possible tearing. The sealant must also withstand compressive and tensile stress created by external factors such as water or heat. 


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The right sealant for your project - from silicone to acrylic

The PCI range includes both chemically reactive and non-reactive sealants. The first category includes silicone and polyurethane sealants while dispersion-type acrylic sealants are non-reactive. PCI offers a variety of silicone sealants – acid-curing acetate systems such as PCI Silcofug® E and neutral-curing alcoxy systems such as PCI Silcoferm® S or PCI Carraferm®. Both types of silicone are intended for use in sealing joints. Acid-curing silicones ensure good bonding with mineral substrates such as enamel, glass and porcelain, while neutral-curing silicone (without using a primer) can also be used on concrete, plaster, PVC surfaces, stained wood or polyester. 

Our polyurethane sealants PCI Elritan® 100 and PCI Elritan® 140 are the materials of choice for sealing connecting joints with windows and doors. These products are mainly used for sealing above-ground joints. Their main advantage is that they can act as a sealant and as an elastic adhesive at the same time. 

PCI Adaptol®, a chemically non-reactive sealant, ensures optimum adhesion to mineral and metal substrates. In contrast to silicone, this material can be painted over and has plasto-elastic properties. This means that it allows both elastic and plastic deformation – an ideal feature when sealing cracks in plaster or connecting joints.