A floor covering cannot be laid in one simple step. Apart from applying the right adhesive, appropriate priming of the substrate is essential. The primer must be selected on the basis of the substrate and its properties. At PCI Augsburg GmbH, we are experts in construction and flooring technology. Our Tiling and Natural Stone Technology brochure provides valuable hints on the inspection and preparation of the substrate. Apart from identifying the type of screed, such as cementitious or calcium sulphate screed, the floor must be inspected to ensure that it is level and ready for covering and that the residual moisture level is below the maximum limit. If necessary, remedial action must be taken.

Various inspection methods are used; they all help you identify the perfect type of priming for your substrate. If you would like to receive individual advice and support, you are welcome to contact your local PCI specialist adviser. We will be pleased to help you!

The function of a good floor primer

The substrate must be primed before any further work can be carried out. A good primer can be used for binding dust, protecting the substrate, insulating the floor from moisture in the substrate or regulating the absorbency of the floor. Primers also help improve the solidity of the substrate and can serve as a bonding slurry. Two main types of primer can be distinguished:

  • Dispersion-type primers: polymers, synthetic resins
  • Synthetic resin primers: epoxy resins, polyurethanes

Depending on the absorbency and properties of the substrate, it may be necessary to dilute dispersion-type primers with water. Considerable care is required as excessive dilution or the application of too little primer may mean that the effect intended is not achieved. As a general principle, the more care and attention paid to primer application, the better and more reliable will be the results. Just contact one of our advisers for detailed advice on priming – for a top-class, durable floor covering.


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