Mineral garage refurbishment
Garages provide protection for your vehicles. But how to protect garages? Whether due to mechanical stress caused by driving into the garage, heat and frost, wetness, de-icing salt or oil deposits: Over the course of time, unsealed screed finishes and/or concrete floors will inevitably suffer damage from being exposed to these effects. This damage can be completely leveled and avoided in the long term. Utilizing the mineral PCI system for refurbishing garage floors will enable you to repair silting effects, spalling, break-outs and holes quickly and easily and thereby protect the existing concrete floor or screed sustainably and reliably.

The PCI Zemtec Outdoor floor coating is easy to apply, it can be utilized immediately and provides optimum basic protection.

It's so easy to refurbish and protect your garage:

Renewing or repairing the driveway rail

1. Installing driveway rail

The new rail is fixed in place (doweled) for a perfect fit.

2. Backfilling driveway rail

The rail is backfilled without cavities with flowable PCI Repafast Fluid repair mortar.

3. Filling out the driveway rail

Deeper holes are filled with PCI Nanocret R4 PCC. The transition area is to be leveled out.

4. Adjusting the driveway area

An inclined ramp created on the outside with PCI Nanocret R4 PCC assists to bridge height differences of up to 50 mm and thereby protects the rail from impact loads.

Preparing the substrate

1. Grinding the floor

Optimum substrate preparation can be achieved by grinding the floor with a disc sander, i.e. old residues and impurities which could otherwise impair adhesion are removed and the absorbing capacity of the primer significantly improves. If there is evidence of heavy oil contamination, then either milling or reworking with PCI Entöler oil remover is required beforehand.

2. Corners and connection areas

Hard-to-reach areas such as corners and angled details must be prepared with a concrete grinder.

3. Suction cleaning

The floor surface area must be subsequently vacuumed with an industrial vacuum cleaner.

4. Priming

Priming twice with PCI Gisogrund 404 (in criss-cross method) ensures reliable adhesion of the floor leveling compound onto the substrate. The primer will be diluted with water depending on the substrate.

Applying the coating

1. Lump-free mixing

Mix the coating for at least 2 minutes until it is free of lumps using a suitable agitating tool/mixing tool (basket stirrer). Leave to stand for approx. 1 minute and stir again briefly.

2. Spreading the coating

The compound should be spread out evenly over the primed surface. A surface scraper is particularly suitable for this workstep.

3. De-aerating

A spiked roller should be used to de-aerate the mineral coating so that air void inclusions are removed and a homogeneous surface is created.

4. Visual effect

PCI color chips can be sprinkled into the fresh surface which has not yet started to dry to achieve a visual effect. This is done immediately after PCI Zemtec Outdoor is applied and de-aerated.

Surface protection and moisture protection

1. Impregnation

The transparent, solvent-free and very low-emission PCI Zemtec Protect impregnation is applied by roller directly onto the cured substrate without applying a primer. The floor is completely prepared, protected and slip-resistant (R10) after two applications.

2. Installing a cove fillet

PCI Nanocret R4 PCC is used to produce a cove fillet in the wall connection area.

3. Refurbishing damp walls

If there is evidence of advanced moisture penetration in the masonry and corresponding damage in the form of damp spots, efflorescence and spalling on the plaster surface or paintwork finish, we recommend to repair the walls with our refurbishing plaster system and, if necessary, to apply a waterproofing layer.


In ideal cases, spreading, de-aerating and, if necessary, sprinkling the color chips should be executed in stages. To do this, work from the back to the front in approx. 1.5 m wide strips in the garage. De-aerate each strip immediately after spreading (and sprinkle in color chips). Then apply the next strip. It is not advisable to walk on the installed area with spiked shoes.

PCI Zemtec Outdoor

Whether outdoor areas exposed to weather conditions, stressed garage floor or interiors exposed to wetness: Where challenging conditions prevail, PCI Zemtec Outdoor feels at home. The mineral coating enables high resistant surfaces from a layer thickness of 3 mm. The flowable compound is easy to process and cures quickly and without cracking. Finished floors tolerate weather conditions, frost, de-icing salt, permanent wetness and vehicles with pneumatic and solid rubber tires.
  • Highly resistant to weathering, frost de-icing salt and permanent wetness
  • Simple and quick to install, no top coating necessary
  • Can be used on slopes of up to 2 %, the slope is maintained

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