If you want to lay laminate, parquet flooring or tiles, a screed is simply essential. It provides the foundation for the various floor coverings and consists of several layers. The installation of a screed distributes the pressure evenly over the underlying insulation, creates a level substrate and allows the height of the flooring to be set to a specific level. In general, screeds may be distinguished on the basis of their binders (cement screeds, calcium sulphate screeds, mastic asphalt screeds, synthetic resin screeds and magnesite screeds) and by the type of construction (heated screeds, bonded screeds, floating screeds, screeds on insulating layer, prefabricated screeds).

If you need any support for the selection of an appropriate screed, our competent team of specialists is prepared to provide advice at any time. At PCI, we are professionals in our field and are pleased to provide support for the professional implementation of your construction project.

Fast and reliable screed laying with PCI Novoment® products

As a screed is an essential foundation for further work on the floor, you should use only top-grade branded products of the highest quality. With PCI Novoment® screeds, you opt for a top-class product which allows you to lay an even load distribution surface indoors or outdoors in only a few hours.

For example, PCI Novoment® Z1 or PCI Novoment® M1 plus screeds develop a homogeneous, sealed surface which can be walked on after only three hours. Work can then continue on the following day with tile laying or coating. These products ensure fast, reliable screed construction to professional quality standards. 


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Professional treatment of screeds with PCI products

Would you like to lay the screed in your home yourself? If so, you should choose PCI products which stand for quality, innovation and reliability. At PCI, we are specialists in our field and are continually developing our product range. With high-quality, harmonized products, we offer you and your construction projects unique expertise and practical know-how.

We are thoroughly conversant with the needs, requirements and demands of construction professionals as we receive continual feedback from our customers. If you have any questions or require any advice, your specialist adviser is always available, ensuring comprehensive service of the highest possible quality.