The need for a concrete primer is given in almost every construction or renovation project. This is because the absorbent surface of the concrete enhances the absorption of water and other liquids so that paint coatings, for example, look stained or floor coverings do not adhere well.

So-called concrete base ensures a reduction in absorbency. The primer must always be selected according to the purpose, area of application and the outside or ambient temperature to be effective. Use the PCI concrete primers to improve the wetting ability or as an adhesive bridge.

For indoor and outdoor use: PCI concrete primer

To ensure good adhesion of thick bituminous coatings on external walls of basements, we recommend the use of PCI Pecimor®-Betongrund special primer. The primer is supplied in powder form, is mixed with water and is easy to apply. This product is suitable for use on concrete substrates which are to be treated with PCI Pecimor® 1K or PCI Pecimor® 2K. This approach prevents blistering on porous concrete as the top coat of bituminous material dries.


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