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Everything works well for professional floor leveling

The self-leveling compounds of the PCI Periplan family pursue a common plan: they are very low-stress, have excellent flow properties even at low layer thicknesses, and can be excellently leveled. At the same time, each of the five family members has its specific field of application. Thanks to the wide range of variants, we can offer you the right solution at any time - regardless of whether you are repairing uneven substrates, preparing to lay the top covering or leveling an old floor.

On all substrates and under all top coverings:
  • Extremely self-leveling - time-saving and energy-saving in the application
  • Quick-setting, early coverage time - for rapid construction progress
  • Smooth, low-pore surface – can be covered directly

With the PCI Periplan family, we make the workflow of professional floor leveling as easy as possible

True to the motto "It runs smoothly for me - as if by itself".

This is how it works with PCI Periplan Flow

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PCI Periplan – the classic product

You can always rely on PCI Periplan when repairing or leveling concrete floors, cement and calcium sulfate screeds as well as unheated mastic asphalt screeds. Ceramic or natural stone coverings can be laid in layers up to 30 mm thick after approx. 3 hours.

Product benefits

  • Self-leveling - can be processed with little effort
  • Can be used in a variable range of layer thicknesses on many substrates
  • Suitable under all floor coverings

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PCI Periplan Extra – the specialist product

The fiber-reinforced PCI Periplan Extra has its particular strengths when leveling floors on wooden substrates and when embedding underfloor heating. A genuine renovation specialist for layer thicknesses of up to 60 mm.

Product benefits

  • Highly fiber-reinforced and self-leveling
  • For leveling critical substrates
  • Suitable under all floor coverings

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PCI Periplan Fein – the elegant product

If floor leveling in very small layer thicknesses is to be carried out quickly and elegantly, there is no way around PCI Periplan Fein. The self-leveling compound can be applied to a thickness of 0.5 mm.

Product benefits

  • Self-leveling
  • Can be applied in layer thicknesses from 0.5 mm
  • Suitable under all floor coverings

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PCI Periplan Multi – the versatile product

As the name suggests, PCI Periplan Multi is a real all-rounder. It can be used as floor leveling indoors, also for direct use and outdoors under top coverings with a layer thickness of up to 40 mm.

Product benefits

  • Fiber-reinforced and self-leveling
  • For indoor use – also for direct use, suitable outdoors under top coverings
  • For use in residential, commercial and industrial construction

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PCI Periplan Flow – the extraordinary product

The new flowable leveling compound runs into every corner all by itself and shines with its extremely smooth, polished surface. One for all top coverings.

It runs and runs and runs: The new flowable leveling compound PCI Periplan Flow is a real "running miracle". Thanks to its exceptional leveling properties, the leveling compound flows into every corner as if by itself - without additional reworking, but with a long processing time.

The result speaks for itself: A mirror-smooth, low-porous surface - without the use of a spiked roller and without subsequent grinding. And the surface can be walked on and covered with tiles after approx. 2 hours.

In short: professional floor leveling has never been so convenient, relaxed, time-saving and cost-saving!

Exceptionally good benefits

  • Extremely self-leveling - without time-consuming reworking
  • Cures very quickly – walkable and ready for covering after approx. 2 hours
  • Self-de-aerating- no additional work required

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CSA technology - That's behind it:

The CSA technology for which PCI has applied for a patent uses calcium sulfoaluminate cement (so-called CSA cement) in PCI Periplan Flow to ensure faster setting and higher early strength which in turn speeds up construction progress. The manufacturing process takes place at significantly lower firing temperatures compared to traditional cements, using less energy and reducing the carbon footprint.

The result: A completely new formulation with improved product and processing properties compared to comparable leveling compounds based on sustainable raw materials.