Depending on the product, a variety of tools and accessories are needed for processing construction materials. The experts from PCI develop and produce these tools and accessories in line with practical requirements. The range includes tools such as plastic nozzles and empty cartridges as well as joint sponges for cleaning freshly grouted tiles and an anchor mixer for mixing bitumen coatings.

The anchor mixer is especially recommended for mixing PCI Pecimor® thick bitumen coatings and other viscous materials. The shape of the anchor is designed to insure gentle mixing and homogenization of the project. The result is a creamy mixture without lumps or material accumulations which is very easy to apply. This effect is produced by the strong vacuum generated by the anchor mixer in operation.

Grouting tiles with a cementitious joint grout

The grouting of tiles calls for considerable experience and the right tools to achieve the optimum results. Using a PCI Gummifugscheibe rubber grouting float, it is much easier to grout ceramic tiling them with a conventional foam rubber grout float. This float, which was originally designed for grouting with considerably more compact reaction resin mortars, can achieve very high filling levels with additional grout application.

With the PCI rubber grouting float, grout can already be applied flush with the joints in the first grouting stage. This approach leaves considerably less mortar residue on tile surfaces, significantly reducing the need for subsequent cleaning by means of the joint sponge PCI Fugen-Schwamm.


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Essential site accessories for tilers: epoxy and joint sponges

Epoxy resin joint grouts are the material of choice for grouting highly stressed tiled areas in swimming pools, laboratories and commercial facilities. These grouts resist chemical attack by water and the detergents usually used but they do require special attention to processing.

The tiling should be washed several times following grouting. In the first washing stage, material residues are loosened and absorbed by the PCI Epoxi-Schwamm hart hard epoxy sponge. In the second and third washing stages, the epoxy resin residue is removed from the tiles. Ceramic tiling which has been grouted using cementitious materials also needs to be cleaned using a moistened PCI joint sponge. Excess material is washed out of the joints as gently as possible. Use PCI products to make everyday work on construction sites easier.