A floor that is all of a piece

Products used

The objective of project owner and builder Holger Andreas in Neubrandenburg was to create a unique floor for his modern home. The cementitious levelling compound PCI Periplan Multi was used with a black tinting paste produced by MIXOL to construct an extraordinary floor with aesthetically pleasing colour progressions. Apart from its special appearance, the floor, which was to be used without additional covering, had to meet special requirements in terms of geometry and thermal conditions. PCI adviser Mathias Fründt provided site service for the project, with the support of the PCI Technical Service department in Wittenberg.

In advance of the project, PCI service technician Uwe Heinrich laid sample areas to test the behaviour of the levelling compound with the tinting paste and to preselect products for the client. Although there may be differences between sample areas and the actual floor as regards colour progressions and texture, sample areas still give a very good indication of the final result.

New floor in only a few steps

The substrates, which were mainly heated cement screed, were initially prepared by applying two coats of PCI Gisogrund 404 special primer. The solvent-free primer has very low emissions and allows good bonding to the substrate. For the floor, which was intended for direct use, the flowable levelling compound PCI Periplan Multi was mixed and then tinted using the MIXOL tinting paste. As our client Andreas wished, the levelling compound was applied manually to the dried, cured primer with a level thickness of about 5 mm. The excellent preparation of the substrate by primer application had a very positive impact on the work, as did compliance with the specified ambient temperatures and the avoidance of drafts and strong sunlight during the entire application and drying process. To provide durable protection for the unique floor, the floors were then sealed using the wear-resistant, anti-slip PCI Zemtec Top sealing compound, a two-component aqueous polyurethane product.

Challenges mastered

In line with the modern loft architecture of the single-family home, the objective was to create an exclusive floor covering. To meet the requirements of the various rooms, the covering was also to be seamless. As some of the rooms are very brightly lit as a result of the large window areas, it was clear that the floor covering would have to accommodate thermal stress and be ageing-resistant. In other rooms, it was necessary to adapt the flooring precisely to the shape of the room and to connections with existing flooring. These challenges were mastered using PCI Periplan Multi. The floor levelling compound is flowable and simply adapts to the structures of a room. The fibre reinforcement of PCI Periplan Multi ensures low-stress curing and prevents cracking. Furthermore, the product is certified to GEV_EMICODE EC 1 PLUS R and contributes to a healthy living environment because of its very low emissions.




Creation of a unique floor with PCI Periplan Multi, a cementitious floor levelling compound, tinted with a universal tinting paste






210 m²

Products used

PCI Gisogrund® 404, PCI Zemtec® Top, PCI Periplan® Multi

Specialist advice

Uwe Heinrich, Wolfgang Dehmel, PCI applications technician Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Mathias Fründt, PCI technical adviser


Andreas family, Neubrandenburg


bau-h-and GmbH, Neubrandenburg

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