The terrace as a feel-good area

Products used

For a terrace to inject a small bit of luxury into the monotony of everyday life, not only is it necessary to carefully select the upper covering, it is particularly important to ensure the right technology is used for the substrate in order to meet the high requirements placed on it. A terrace in Murnau was therefore renovated and extended by professionals who used large-format fine porcelain stoneware tiles with the proven products of construction chemicals manufacturer PCI Augsburg GmbH. A special feature of the terrace is the underlying garage with the external section comprising a flat roof. In order to protect the space below the terrace against the ingress of water, a professional seal was installed including two drainage points. The construction professionals manufactured a particularly high quality, reliable and durable insulating layer from insulation panels of mineral foam glass, which were fixed in place using PCI Pecimor DK bitumen adhesive for insulation boards. The installers sealed the upper side of the insulation panels with PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid fast-setting special waterproofing slurry. This gave the garage a water-tight roof and a stable substrate for the tiled surface of the terrace. Drainage mats were placed on the previously installed waterproofing onto which the PCI Pavifix DM drain and screed mortar was applied. This acts like a support layer. By providing the entire covering with a grid structure, the mat and mortar system ensures fast and immediate drainage. The drain and screed mortar also protects against frost damage and reduces efflorescence. Before the installers laid the tiles using a special floating-bed mortar for porcelain coverings, they applied a scratch coat to the back of the tiles to ensure a better keying of the tiles and the tiling adhesive. PCI Rapidflott was used to lay the new quick-hardening floor covering. To turn the mortar into an even more ductile product yet more resistant to water, frost and weather, the installers added PCI Lastoflex polymer modified additive to the cement mortar mix. This is because tiling adhesives mixed with this relieve substrate stresses, balance out stresses resulting from temperature fluctuations and are waterproof and frost- and weather-resistant. The grouting of the covering should be highly elastic in order to compensate for the length variations of the large-format tiles during changes in temperature. This is why all grouted joints were sealed with the elastic, self-adhesive PCI Silcoferm S silicone joint sealant.




Floor renovation: creating a durable substrate






60 m²

Products used

PCI Lastoflex®, PCI Pavifix® DM, PCI Pecimor® DK, PCI Seccoral® 2K Rapid, PCI Pecilastic WS, PCI Rapidflott

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PCI applications adviser: Markus Balleisen


Firma Heinz Sander GmbH, Riemerling


Otto Hiesinger

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