Parquetry in suites and representative rooms
The THOMSIT system Marine Soft Flooring can be used for laying all textile and resilient coverings in sheets and tiles. All the products included in the system have EC1 or EC1 PLUS classification as well as the “Blauer Engel” seal of approval and do not impair the indoor air quality.

The THOMSIT solution:

  • As multi-purpose primer for absorbent and non-absorbent substrates THOMSIT R 766 or THOMSIT R 755 epoxy safety primer + THOMSIT QS 10 for difficult substrates and heavy duty service conditions
  • he dust-reduced rapid leveling compound THOMSIT XXL XPRESS or THOMSIT DS 40 thick-layer leveling compound as floor filler
  • For bonding parquetry: THOMSIT P 625 2C PUR adhesive for solid and engineered wood flooring, wood block and laminate floors or THOMSIT P 695 Elast Strong hard-elastic adhesive for bonding wood flooring and woodblock